The World of Tanks Community Raised Nearly $85,000 For Charity

All of the proceeds have been donated to the War Child fund.

Last year, Wargaming partnered with the War Child charity fund (an organization devoted to helping children who live in regions affected by war) in starting a movement called “the Armistice Campaign.”

The campaign set out to raise money for War Child and now Wargaming has announced that the final amount contributors managed to garner tallies up to just under $85,000.

Through the Armistice Campaign, World of Tanks players were able to purchase special in-game emblems and item packages. All of the proceeds from these purchases then went into a collective fund, which Wargaming donated to War Child once the campaign ended.

In a recent press release, Wargaming informed players that every penny of the $84,800 garnered went to helping children through the War Child charity fund. Wargaming then thanked all the players who helped contribute to the final number, and the company’s Head of Military Relations, Richard Cutland, shared a personal message of thanks as well:

“As a retired soldier I have witnessed first-hand the remarkable and invaluable work that War Child do in areas affected by conflict. I am extremely proud of both Wargaming and our fabulous community for supporting this incredible and invaluable charity.”

While the Armistice Campaign may be over, you can still donate to War Child via its website.   



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