Destiny: How to Beat Deathsinger Challenge - Crota's End

How to complete the Ir Yut, the Deathsinger Challenge Mode in Destiny's Crota's End raid.

This guide will show you how to beat the Destiny Deathsinger Challenge Mode in the 390 Light Crota’s End raid. The Crota’s End raid has recently received an update, and in this update (on certain weeks) are Challenge Modes, one of which involves killing Ir Yut, The Deathsinger in a specific way.

After completing the Deathsinger Challenge Mode, prepare to take on the Crota Challenge Mode.

How to do Ir Yut, the Deathsinger Challenge Mode

The Destiny Deathsinger Challenge requires players to kill all minions before killing the Deathsinger using a specific weapon before she finishes singing the Liturgy of Ruin. It’s a little more complicated, and there are ways to make it easier for you and your Fireteam.

Step 1: Kill All Enemies

As soon as you enter the arena, you must kill all Yellow-health enemies as well as Red-health enemies. Split your team into two groups, three going left and three going right. This way you can focus on one side of the arena.

Step 2: Kill Wizards and Shriekers

Once the arena is clear, enter the rooms leading to Ir Yut the Deathsinger, and kill the Wizards and the Shriekers.

Step 3: Ir Yut Shrieks in Fear

Enter the room where Ir Yut is but don’t kill her. As you enter, more Yellow-health enemies will spawn. Kill them and on the left-side of the screen above your super you will see the words, “Ir Yut shrieks in fear.” When this text appears, you are on the path to success.

Step 4: Kill Ogres and Knights

Leave Ir Yut the Deathsinger and head back out into the arena and kill the two Ogres that spawn, as well as the Yellow-health Knights that spawn in the upper rooms that flank Crota’s platform.

Step 5: Kill Swordbearer and Ir Yut the Deathsinger

After the previous enemies are dead, a Swordbearer will spawn below Crota's platform. Kill the Swordbearer, take the sword, and use the sword to kill Ir Yut the Deathsinger. This needs to happen before she finishes singing her Liturgy of Ruin else you will die and need to try again. Once she’s dead, you’ll receive your rewards!

Deathsinger Challenge Mode Tips

Send your highest Light Level friends to take down the Yellow-health Knights and Ogres, as they deal the most damage. Low Light Level friends should support from a distance and focus on sweeping up any stray enemies.

Using Raze-Lighter or other Exotic Swords is a good idea, as they deal heaps of damage to Yellow-health enemies.

It can be a good idea, while someone is collecting the Swordbearer’s sword, to deal a bit of damage to Ir Yut the Deathsinger so she has low health and is easy to kill for the player using the sword.

Lastly, don’t panic and stay calm. If your team is fast enough, you can even unlock one of the nodes in the Age of Triumph booklet. There is a challenge for completing the Deathsinger Challenge in under 2 minutes – so be quick!

That’s it, if you managed to kill everything before killing Ir Yut the Deathsinger, and then killed her using the sword, you will have completed the Deathsinger Challenge Mode!

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