Civilization VI's Massive Spring Update is now Live

The update includes fixes, tweaks, and two brand new playable civs.

Developer Firaxis and publisher 2K Games have announced the launch of the Spring Update for Civilization VI, an update which contains several improvements as well as two new civilizations.

The full patch notes for the Spring Update reveal changes made to a variety of in-game features and systems including overall balancing, AI tuning, multiplayer, and more. The update also fixes a number of bugs such as melee units being able to attack embarked units, and John Curtin being referred to as “President” rather than “Prime Minister” in the Outback Tycoon scenario.

The most exciting aspect of the update, however, comes in the form of two new playable civs: Persia (led by Cyrus), and Macedon (led by Alexander the Great). According to the patch notes, Persia excels at quickly amassing wealth and—if need be—launching quick military strikes bolstered by their unique Immortal unit.

Macedon, on the other hand, is all about establishing widespread control early on and keeping it. A strategy which is made easier thanks to Macedon’s unique civ ability that grants various boons and boosts for each city the player conquers.

The Persia and Macedon DLC pack also contains two new buildable Wonders (the Apadana Wonder and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus) and a new scenario titled “The Conquests of Alexander.” Players who own the Digital Deluxe version of Civilization VI will get the DLC pack for free, and those who don’t can now purchase it on PC (the pack isn’t yet available on Mac or Linux). You can also watch overview videos for both of the new civs above.

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