World of Tanks Stronghold War Games Testing Begins March 31st

Ready yourself for a new kind of clan-based warfare.

Wargaming has announced that the public testing period for the War Games format of the recently revamped Stronghold game mode will begin on March 31st. This allows interested clans to try out the new format and earn rewards for doing so.

According to a new post on the World of Tanks website, War Games will layer four new “disciplines” onto the usual progression of Stronghold skirmishes and advances, ranking clan performance via a number of criteria and awarding points accordingly.

The four disciplines are as follows:

  • Vanquish: Points earned for the difference between the teams' scores. The bigger the difference, the more points received.
  • Rush: Points earned for quick victories. The faster a detachment wins a battle, the more points their Clan gets.
  • Demolition: Points earned for destroying enemy vehicles. Clans receive points for each enemy vehicle destroyed.
  • Assembly: Points earned for the number of victorious legionnaires in a detachment. Clans receive points for each legionnaire in the detachment.

There will be several different War Games tests held each day and discipline points earned will be tallied up every 24 hours. If a clan earns enough discipline points, they’ll receive rewards such as Gold, Credits, and high-level reserves. Clans can see which prizes they’re eligible for by accessing the prize fund from the Strongholds interface.

Once the first phase of tests is over, Wargaming says they’ll make changes based on player feedback and then start another round of testing at a later date. This date will be revealed once the changes have been finalized.



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