World of Tanks April Fools' Day TOG Tsunami and Mutant Uprising

Turns out the Mutant sale was not a joke.

Although World of Tanks PC players won’t be blasting off to Mars for April Fools’ Day like their console brethren, they will have a chance to enjoy some interesting tank battles come Saturday. 

Over the past week, you may have heard rumors that the rare M6A2E1 (also known as the “Mutant”) was scheduled to go on sale for one day only on April Fools’ Day. Given the questionable date, players weren’t sure whether to take the sale seriously. However, according to MeatheadMilitia in the latest World of Tanks Weekly video, the rumored sale is “not a joke”.

The Mutant M6A2E1 tank bundle will go on sale on Saturday, April 1st, and will cost about $89.99 USD. The Mutant bundle will only be available for 24 hours in the World of Tanks Premium Shop, so be sure to pick up this big-headed goliath before it’s too late, as it may never be sold again. 

Since the Mutant was part of an exclusive pre-order package prior to the release of World of Tanks, some players aren’t happy about the tank becoming available to the rest of the player base. However, the World of Tanks Twitter page stated that they will be giving players who already own the Mutant a special gift as a way of thanking these players for supporting the game.

Although the price point for the Mutant may be a bit steep for some, this is an extremely rare tank that hasn’t been sold since the launch World of Tanks and may never become available again. This Tier 8 Heavy will also avoid Tier X battles, which is certainly a tempting incentive. 

TOG Tsunami

The TOG Tsunami will also be taking over World of Tanks on April Fools’ Day this year. Since the TOG Tsunami consists of all-TOG battles, the TOG II will be available as a rental for 24 hours so that players can participate in the event. 

“It is going to be a very slow battle.” You’ve got that right, Meathead. 

Are you going to purchase the Mutant 6 tank during its 24-hour April Fools’ Day sale? Let us know in the comment section below.


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