Destiny: How to Beat Templar Challenge - Vault of Glass

How to complete the Templar Challenge Mode in Destiny's Vault of Glass raid.

This guide will show you how to beat the Templar Challenge in the 390 Light Vault of Glass. Two new Challenge Modes were added to the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End raid—we’ve already covered the Deathsinger Challenge and the Atheon Challenge— – but here we’re focusing on best strategies for the Templar Challenge.

How to Beat the Templar Challenge

The goal of the Templar Challenge Mode is to prevent the Templar from teleporting to its two chosen locations, as signified by the red ring.

The Templar Challenge in Destiny’s Vault of Glass is relatively easy to understand, but difficult to execute. The Templar cannot be allowed to teleport. What this means is, whenever its shields are taken down, it will attempt to teleport out of its center spawning zone to either side of the arena.This cannot be allowed to happen.

To prevent it from teleporting, you must stand in the red ring, turning it blue, until the ring disappears. This successfully blocks a single teleport, but it doesn’t stop there. Once the Templar’s teleportation move has been stopped, it will summon a wave of Minotaurs and will then attempt to teleport again.

You must block the next teleport location. Thankfully, if blocked correctly, there are only two places it can teleport. These teleportation locations are on the left and right side of the Templar’s Well. If you manage to block the teleportation attempts, you will complete the Templar Challenge.

Templar Challenge Guide

At the beginning of the fight, you will need to destroy a pair of red Oracles. 

There are some strategies you can employ to have an easier time beating the Templar Challenge mode in Vault of Glass. At the very start of the fight, the Templar will spawn two red Oracles which should be destroyed as soon as possible.

It's typically a good idea to delay taking the Templar’s shields down, as it can spawn another set of Oracles quickly. This can cause problems if people are detained and the Templar is trying to teleport.

Instead, wait for the second wave of Oracles. This will allow the Relic holder to have their Super completely ready without having to hyper-focus on taking down enemies. Once the second pair of Oracles are down, blast away the Templar’s shields using the Relic's Super ability.

When standing on the left teleportation ring, it's important that the Relic holder is protected either by using a shield, or by having a Titan use Ward of Dawn.

This is where it comes in handy to have a player who is comfortable with using the Relic and acting on their own. The player should be able to effectively hold both teleportation zones by themselves while the rest of the raiding team deals damage to the Templar and thins the enemies.

When blocking the right-hand side teleportation ring, you can stand beside the block instead of on top of it as it gives you complete protection from the Templar's attacks.

The Relic holder can jump from one platform to the other, using the Right Bumper attack to fly through the air. Once they land, they can hold Left Bumper to deploy the shield, preventing all damage from the Templar.

A Ward of Dawn makes it much easier for the Relic holder during the Templar Challenge.

However, what can really help the Relic holder complete their task during the Templar Challenge is if any Titans use Ward of Dawn and place a bubble on the teleport locations. This way, the Relic holder doesn’t always have to use their shield and run the risk of running out of charge. It will also help to stop enemies from dealing damage to the Relic holder.

The rest of the fireteam should remain at the back near where you first drop down in order to have a good view of the Templar and other enemies.

While the Relic holder is stopping the teleports, the rest of the team can be sitting in any position, but the best position for the team is to sit at the back of the room where you first drop down into the Templar’s Well. This place offers excellent protection from the Templar’s attacks while also giving a view of the rest of the arena, allowing for easier enemy clearing.

Other classes, such as Hunters and Warlocks, should focus on using a subclass that offers the best damage output. This means Hunters using Gunslinger or Nightstalker, and Warlocks using Sunsinger with Fusion Grenades paired with Touch of Flame and Viking Funeral for the increased burn duration and damage.

When you complete the Templar Challenge, you will receive the special Emblem as well as an Adept version of an old Primary weapon.

The Templar fight will get intense the longer the battle goes on, so it’s a good idea for everyone to be on-point with their shots. Sniper rifles do a good bit of damage when they can land critical hits, and rocket launchers (like the Gjallarhorn) offer good burst damage. Completing the Templar Challenge will also net you extra rewards, most importantly Adept weapons (Exotic versions of the Primary Weapons).

Overall, this particular Vault of Glass Challenge shouldn’t be too tough for a decent team. If you read this guide, you should now know how to beat the Templar Challenge in Vault of Glass.

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