Top 5 Places to Call Home in The Long Dark

The top five base locations you should consider calling home in The Long Dark.

In The Long Dark, extended survival depends on finding a suitable base where you can kick up your Deerskin Boots. You may travel from Forlorn Muskeg to Timberwolf Mountain in the search for resources, but most players will always return to one spot that suits their play style.

Recently, I took to The Long Dark subreddit and asked the community to weigh in on what they thought was the best place to set up camp in the game. Replies ranged from logical to whacky, but they are nevertheless what inspired me to put this list together.

Pleasant Valley Farmstead - Pleasant Valley

Porch view from the Pleasant Valley Farmstead in The Long Dark.
Porch view from the Pleasant Valley Farmstead in The Long Dark.

The Bad: The weather in Pleasant Valley sucks, and there’s a bear that likes to wander within feet of your door. Wolves will spawn in the yard surrounding the house, but not too close, and the fishing in Pleasant Valley isn’t worth writing home about. If you insist on staying in Pleasant Valley, most players will agree that the Farmstead is the best bet, but there are better bases (and maps) to call home in The Long Dark.

The Good: The Pleasant Valley Farmstead has just about everything you need including an indoor fireplace, workbench, beds, rabbit and deer spawns, and an enclosed porch that gives you some protection when you walk outside in the morning. It comes loaded with furniture that you can break down for firewood, and all the storage you could ask for. There’s even a car in the yard that works well when you need to fight cabin fever. The Farmstead is in the heart of Pleasant Valley, so you have access to the entire map without ever having to travel all the way across it.



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