Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - Change Drivers

Learn how to change drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire and why you would want to!

As you progress through Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire and hire new drivers, you’ll want to know how to change drivers you’ve already placed in taxis. There are a multitude of reasons you might want to do this, and the good news is that you can!

Why Change Drivers

Drivers that aren't in their favorite taxis will earn less. The first five taxis will have to be filled by whatever drivers you can spare, as you will likely not unlock them until later in the game.
Drivers that aren't in their favorite taxis will earn less, so changing drivers is important if you want to make a lot of money!

Each driver in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is different, with their own traits, favorite cars, income per hour, and fare prices. When you first start Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire you won’t have a lot of options on where you can place drivers, so you’ll place them wherever you can.

When you unlock new areas and drivers, the game will tell you that you can put a driver in a taxi they love in order to earn more money. These benefits quickly add up as a driver with the Loud trait will earn more money in a taxi that also has the Loud trait. If you can match these drivers with their taxis, your Multiplier will skyrocket and you’ll earn more money per hour.

Unfortunately, once a driver is in a taxi, you cannot change drivers by simply tapping or dragging them. Thankfully, there is a way to change drivers.

How to Change Drivers

The only way you can change drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is to use the Sell Out feature. We’ve gone over how the Sell Out feature works, and while it does start you back at the beginning, you do get to keep all your drivers.

Once you select the Sell Out feature, you’ll be taken back to the first area and you’ll have only one taxi which Axel can drive. You’ll also have all the drivers you’ve managed to unlock so far (as well as a pretty awesome Multiplier!). From here, you can buy the taxis again and assign a new driver, thus letting you “change” what driver was in what taxi.

Keep in mind that you might come across a taxi for which you haven’t unlocked the associated driver. In this instance, you will need to select a driver from the ones available. Make sure that the driver you plan to select isn’t one from the next area. Try to select a driver from an area you likely won’t reach any time soon.

An example of this is if you put a driver from the very last area (Midtown) in a taxi from the first area. It’s unlikely you’re going to reach the Midtown area in the first few days of play, so it’s safe to use someone like Hot-D in early taxis. But you wouldn’t want to use Melt in the first area, as she likes to drive the first taxi in the second area – an area you can easily reach.

Be sure to check out our Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Cheats and Tips guide for more information on how to earn money fast! When you first start Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, don’t worry too much about changing drivers or where to put them, as you won’t have a lot of drivers unlocked. Only start worry about changing drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire when you get close to using the Sell Out feature for the first time.

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