Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - Sell Out, How it Works

Learn what Sell Out means, when to use it, and whether it's a good thing to do.

There are a lot of different features in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, and one of them is Sell Out. This feature can be tricky to understand at first, but like we mentioned in our Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire cheats and tips, it's extremely worthwhile to Sell Out. 

What is Sell Out in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire?

When you Sell Out in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, you lose everythign except for your Drivers, Boosts, Diamonds, and Scratch Tickets.

The Sell Out function in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire lets you sell your entire Crazy Taxi company with a single press of a button, restarting you back at the first area, but there’s a twist. When you Sell Out you will get a permanent Multiplier increase that doubles, triples, quadruples, etc. your earnings.

However, there is a negative to the Sell Out, it wipes your entire business and you start again from the bottom. You do get to keep a few things you’ve earned along the way.

When you Sell Out, you keep:

  • Drivers and their levels
  • Diamonds
  • Multipliers/Boosts
  • Scratch Tickets

So while you do lose all your money, taxis, and city areas, you gain an incredibly useful income multiplier. Selling Out is also useful if you wish to change drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Why Sell Out in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire?

Time it correctly and you can get more levels out of each Sell Out.

Simply put, Selling Out is vital if you want to increase the amount you earn!

The reason why you want to Sell Out in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, aside from the nice Multiplier, is that it lets you reset your drivers. Drivers have favorite cars, and when they’re driving in their favorite car, you’ll earn more money.

When you first start Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, you won’t have a lot of drivers or cars, so you’ll put Drivers wherever they can fit. This isn’t the most effective way to earn money.

After you Sell Out, each new car you purchase will give you the option to put in a Driver, this is a great way to match a Driver with their preferred car – as highlighted by a Love Heart.

Alternatively, you can put a Driver in a car that matches the car’s type. For instance, a Driver with a Daring trait will perform better in a taxi with a Daring trait. They’ll earn you even more if you can put them in a car they love that also has the Daring trait!

Think of the Sell Out feature as a fresh start, where you can learn from your previous mistakes and grow your Crazy Taxi company even bigger!

When to Sell Out in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

It might be tempting to Sell Out as soon as it becomes available, but take a moment before you sign over your taxi company.

If you can hold out, you can sometimes get multiple Multiplier increases out of a single Sell Out. Check below the Sell Out button to see how much more you need to earn before you reach the next Sell Out level. Consider whether you can reach that target quickly before you Sell Out, as gaining two Multipliers out of a single Sell Out is worthwhile!

Before you Sell Out, Promote all your Drivers and upgrade as many as you can. This will increase your levels and give you a chance of getting more Drivers’ Licences and help them earn money when you start again.

The term “Sell Out” has a lot of negative connotations, but in Crazy Taxy Gazillionaire it’s a good thing! Sell Out whenever you can to increase the amount you earn.

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