Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Cheats and Tips

Get all the cheats, hints, and strategies to help you earn billions in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire has hit our respective mobile devices so it’s time to learn some tips, cheats, and hints to help you get ahead! Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire places you in control of your own taxi company, with a single driver, named Axel, and a single car. With these tips and cheats, you’ll be the top taxi company in the country in no time.

Upgrade Your Taxis

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is all about upgrading your taxis, buying new taxis, and putting drivers behind the wheels. The most important one out of all these is upgrading your taxis.

The first few taxis you get are the cheapest ones to upgrade and can give you the best return on interest. While it might seem like a good idea to quickly unlock the next area and upgrade those taxis, it’s actually far slower and more expensive.

Spend time and money upgrading your first five taxis as far as you can – if you can get them all to 50 and then 100, you’ll be raking in the cash.

Upgrading your taxis also gives you Diamonds, Scratch Cards, and new Drivers. So it’s better to upgrade the cheaper ones first! Keep in mind that assigning a driver to a taxi isn't permanent, you can actually change drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire.

Pick Up VIPs

Though you’ll earn most of your money through the hourly payment, you can earn a pretty penny by picking up VIPs. The best Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire tip is to watch the map and don’t miss out on these passengers.

A VIP can be identified by their timer bar that drains from around their picture. You’ve only got a few seconds to tap them before they disappear. When a VIP is in one of your taxis, the taxi will earn more money from causing accidents and dropping off the passenger, than if they were carrying a normal passenger. This can be a great way to get a bit of extra cash.

Look out for Stunts

The Stunts are another valuable source of income in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. A good tip is to hit these Stuns whenever you can. They’ll give you a nice chunk of money to spend on upgrading your taxis.

Tap the Blimps

Blimps, hot air balloons, helicopters, and other flying vehicles are all filled with cash. Whenever you see one flying across the screen, tap it to earn some serious coinage. Better yet, if it offers to double your money for watching the ad, watch the ad!

Sell Out

This one is for those late-game players who manage to get an offer from your main taxi competitor. You’ll receive an offer to Sell Out and begin again at the start. You’ll get to keep a few items you’ve collected along the way. Check out our complete Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Sell Out guide to learn everything there is about this feature.

However, the short of it is this: when you Sell Out, a permanent Multiplier increases by one, but you lose all your money and start again. Though, because of the Multiplier, you are now earning more money.

Plus, all your taxis are removed but you get to keep your drivers, which is important because…

Give Drivers the Taxis They Like

Each Driver has a specific style and a taxi they like to drive. If you put a Driver behind the wheel of a taxi they like, they will earn more money per hour and get bigger tips from the passengers.

Once you assign a Driver to a taxi, you can’t change the driver unless you use the Sell Out function. So it’s important to get a Driver into a taxi they like.

You can also match a Driver’s traits with a taxi. A Driver and taxi that share the same trait will earn you more money.

Earn Money While You Sleep

The best Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire cheat is that you can earn money while you sleep! Even with the Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire app closed, it will remember how long you’ve been playing when you open it up again.

This means that your hourly income is applied when you next relaunch Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. After a restful sleep, you can open up Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire and see how much money your Drivers have earned you!

Watch the Ads

Sometimes it can be painful to watch ads in a game, but in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire you are rewarded for watching them! Ads can have special benefits, such as when you click a blimp, you are sometimes given the opportunity to watch an ad to double your earnings. While it might sound like an odd Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire tip, watching ads is a great way to increase how much you earn.

Promote Your Drivers

As you play Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire, you will earn scratch cards where you can unlock new Drivers Licences. You’ll end up getting double-ups, but this is great! Each Driver can be Promoted so long as you have enough duplicate Drivers Licences. Each time you Promote a Driver, they’ll earn more money per fare.

Complete Contracts

Contracts in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire are little tasks you can complete as you play the game. Contracts will give you different goals, like completing a certain number of stuns, earning money, and even Selling Out. Each time you complete a Contract, you’ll earn some Diamonds.

Use Diamonds

Another Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire tip is to use your Diamonds. Scratch cards can be used every few hours or, if you have enough Diamonds, you can use them immediately! Using Diamonds to unlock scratch cards is an excellent way to unlock more Drivers Licences, earn more money, and increase your hourly earnings!

Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire is an addictive game. Keep these tips and cheats in mind to help you increase your hourly earnings, and become the best taxi company in the country!

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