Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - VSS Sniper Rifle

The VSS Sniper Rifle is now available in PUBG.

As part of the recent Month 2 update, the VSS Sniper Rifle has been added to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. This sniper rifle is a little different to the other weapons in its class, and despite its low stats, it’s still a lethal weapon. While you search the battlefield for the VSS, make sure take a moment to get your PUBG Twitch Pack before time runs out.

The VSS Sniper Rifle

The VSS has some surprisingly low stats, but the ammo capacity is huge. If you prefer stealth, the VSS is the sniper rifle for you.

With numerous weapons to choose from and find in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, the VSS will fit a very specific playstyle. Originally developed for use by the Spetsnaz during the USSR-era, the VSS or “Vintorez”, is a rifle with a built-in suppressor that also utilizes subsonic 9mm rounds to further reduce its noise marker.

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The VSS is able to shoot the common 9mm rounds in semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes. Due to this high rate of fire, the VSS deals less damage than other sniper rifles available in PUBG.

Supplementing this low damage are the subsonic rounds, making it near impossible for someone to detect where they’re being shot from. Even when used in close-quarters, the VSS is able to muffle the bullet sounds, making it an excellent weapon of choice for the stealthy player.

On top of the built-in suppressor, the VSS sniper rifle also has a permanent PSO-1 (4x) scope, making it immediately useful when picked up.

VSS Sniper Rifle Tips

As seen in the above video, the VSS suffers from low bullet velocity and low damage per round, but despite this, it is able to put down enemy combatants with ease will keeping your position a secret. This is thanks to the aforementioned subsonic rounds. Their ability to keep your location unknown is thanks to the slow speed at which they travel.

If you prefer stealth over raw firepower you should always opt for this weapon when you find it. Speaking of which, the VSS can be found from air drops or even on the battlefield. Be sure to check out where to find other sniper rifles in PUBG as well. Because it uses 9mm rounds, you should have no trouble keeping the gun full of ammunition.

In the event you get into close range, don’t be afraid to use the VSS, as the suppressor will still mask your location. However, it can always be worth carrying another weapon on hand if you’re found and cannot rely on the VSS' damage.

This low-damage sniper rifle is best used when you have the jump on an enemy, giving you the opportunity to maximise your damage potential while remaining hidden for longer. Any time an enemy knows your location, the damage output of the VSS is too low to win an engagement where you don’t have a head start.

As always, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is all about remaining undetected for as long as possible while picking off enemy players. The VSS is the ultimate weapon for the Battlegrounds player looking to remain hidden for longer.

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