Magikarp Jump - How to Get More Coins

Follow these tips to earn coins fast in Magikarp Jump.

Coins aren’t quite as valuable as diamonds in Magikarp Jump, but they do help players purchase upgrades that help your Magikarp grow. This guide is going to go over the various ways to earn coins in Magikarp Jump for those who want to level up Magikarp faster. 

There are various ways to earn coins in Magikarp Jump. Coins are primarily used for upgrading foods and training regimes. Upgraded food grants more experience points per food piece, while upgraded training regimes grant more JP after each training session.

You can earn additional diamonds and support candy for having your Magikarp reach certain leveling milestones, so upgrading food and training regimes is always a good idea when you have the coins to spare. 

How to Get Coins in Magikarp Jump

Complete League Battles

The primary way to get coins in Magikarp Jump is by completing league battles. Winning league battles will reward you with more coins than losing, but you will still earn coins either way. When you reach the end of a league an defeat the final opponent, you’ll be awarded both coins and diamonds for your efforts. 

Collect Achievement Rewards

As you complete achievements in Magikarp Jump, you’ll be rewarded with additional coins or diamonds depending on the achievement. However, achievement rewards are not automatically given to you in Magikarp Jump.

To get your achievement rewards, you must tap on the Menu button from your home pond and select the Achievements icon. Scroll through to find your completed achievements, and press the blue button to get your reward.

Achievements will reward you with additional coins, diamonds, or support candy, so if it’s coins you’re after, take note of the ones that list a coin reward under their reward description. Some of the achievements that grant coin rewards are the Times Fed, Times Trained, and League Victories achievements, so be sure to keep an eye on these as you train your Magikarp in Magikarp Jump.  

Don't forget to collect your achievement rewards from the Menu in Magikarp Jump!

Complete Random Encounter Events

Various events and encounters will occur as you continue playing Magikarp Jump. Some are random encounters, while others are events triggered by certain actions. There are several encounters that offer you additional coins as a reward, such as the Nugget and Roddy Tackle encounters. These usually give a small coin payout, but free coins are always better than no coins. 

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Buy Coin Bags Using Diamonds

If you’re really desperate for more coins, you can always purchase additional coins using diamonds. This method isn't ideal, as diamonds should be reserved for purchasing Decorations or Friendship Items instead. However, if you happen to have an excess of diamonds and really want to get lots of coins quickly, you can buy coins with your diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

To buy coins using diamonds, tap on the Town and go to the Diamond Shop icon at the bottom. Scroll down, and you’ll find three coin bags of varying quantities available for purchase. 

Tips to Get Coins Faster

Purchase Decorations that offer coin bonuses to earn more coins for certain tasks in Magikarp Jump.

Get Decorations with Coin Bonuses

There are tons of different Decorations available to customize the look of your pond in Magikarp Jump. Decorations are for more than just looks, though. Each Decoration item comes with a unique bonus stat that will benefit you in some way.

To increase your coin profits in Magikarp Jump, purchase Decorations that offer some sort of coin bonus multiplier. Start by purchasing either the Lampent Lamp or the S.S. Anne Model Decorations to receive coin bonuses for level up coins and coins from sunken treasure, respectively. 

Choose Magikarp with Individual Coin Bonus

When you retire your Magikarp, you’ll have to fish for a new one. When you catch a new Magikarp, look for one that has an Individual Bonus that offers an increased coin percentage. This will help increase your coin profits each time you earn coins with that Magikarp. Try to earn as many coins as possible before your Magikarp reaches max level and retires to make the most of its coin bonus multiplier. 

Choose Magikarp that have individual coin bonuses to increase your profits each time you earn coins.

Save up Gold Pokeballs

While swimming in your pond in Magikarp Jump, gold Pokeballs will randomly start spawning in your pond. These usually show up after your Magikarp reaches a leveling milestone. Tapping on the gold Pokeballs will open them, rewarding you with bonus coins.

One way to maximize the coins you get from the gold Pokeballs is to wait until you’ve got a bonus coin multiplier that we mentioned above. Catch a Magikarp that has an individual coin bonus, then open your gold Pokeballs. Gold Pokeballs won’t disappear right away, so just try to avoid opening the gold Pokeballs until then. 

If you’ve followed the steps in this guide, you should be able to boost your coin earnings and upgrade your food and training items in Magikarp Jump.


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