Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Tips, Secrets, and Guides

Learn how to get coins, diamonds, events, and patterns with these Magikarp Jump guides.

There’s all sorts of unique tasks players can accomplish in Pokémon Magikarp Jump. Maybe you want to learn how to get more Coins or Diamonds, or perhaps you just want to know how to get special Pokémon like Dratini or Gyarados. Whaveter the case may be, we’ve likely got the Magikarp Jump guide for you. 

This page will act as a primary hub for all of our Magikarp Jump guides. We will update this page as we continue to create new guides for Magikarp Jump, so be sure to favorite this page for future reference. 

Pokémon Magikarp Jump Guides, Tips, and Tricks

Magikarp Jump Tips

  • Use coins to upgrade the first two berries early so you can level up your Magikarp fast.
  • Use up your Training Points when you have them. Your Training Points are refilled when your trainer levels up, so make sure you have room for the refill.
  • Don't forget to check your Achievements tab to manually get rewards for your completed achievements. 
  • Diamonds are hard to come by. Save your Diamonds for important items such as Decorations or Friendship Items.
  • Some random events can cause you to lose JP, or even lose your Magikarp. When presented with a choice during a random event, choose carefully and be aware of the risks.

5 Magikarp Jump Secrets You Might Not Know

Magikarp Jump is full of secrets and special encounters. This article covers five hidden secrets in Magikarp Jump that might surprise you. 

Magikarp Jump - All Special Events and Random Encounters

Random encounters will happen all throughout Magikarp Jump. Some events and random encounters reward you with additional coins or diamonds, while others will cause you to lose JP or even lose your Magikarp. Find out what causes each Magikarp Jump event and how you should tackle each situation. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Get Every Magikarp Pattern and Color

Magikarp come in all sorts of colors and pattern variations. This guide explains which fishing rods you should use to catch Magikarp of specific patterns and colors to fill out your Pattern Dex in Magikarp Jump. 

Magikarp Jump - All Friendship Items and Support Pokémon

In Magikarp Jump, you can befriend various Support Pokémon that will hang out at your pond and offer your Magikarp special stat bonuses. You must obtain certain Friendship Items to unlock each Support Pokémon. This guide explains which Friendship Items are required for each Support Pokémon and how many Diamonds they cost. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Get More Coins Fast

Coins are an important currency used in Magikarp Jump to purchase upgrades for food and training regimes. This guide explains how to earn coins in Magikarp Jump and tips for increasing your coin profits. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Level Up Fast with the Two Berry Method

The "two berry method" in Magikarp Jump is a neat strategy for leveling up your Magikarp fast by only using the first two berries.

Magikarp Jump - How to Fish for Dratini

Though not a Support Pokémon, Dratini is one of the handful of Pokémon that make an appearance in Magikarp Jump. You can fish up a Dratini of your own in just a few simple steps. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Evolve into Gyarados

Like in most Pokémon games, Magikarp can evolve into Gyarados in Magikarp Jump. However, the outcome is not what most seasoned Pokémon players would expect. Here’s how to evolve your Magikarp to Gyarados and force it into early retirement in Magikarp Jump. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Get More Diamonds

Like Coins, Diamonds are another valuable in-game currency in Magikarp Jump. Diamonds are used for purchasing Decorations, Friendship Items, and other goodies for your pond. Here are some tips for earning more Diamonds in Magikarp Jump. 

Magikarp Jump - How to Get the Best Magikarp

In Magikarp Jump, your Magikarp will eventually reach its max level and retire. When this happens, you’ll need to fish for a new Magikarp competitor. It’s important to pick a good Magikarp that can make it through each tough league battle. This guide offers tips for choosing the best Magikarp and what attributes to look for.  


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