Magikarp Jump - How to Level Up Fast with the Two Berry Method

Learn how the two berry method works to level up quick in Magikarp Jump.

Players have come up with an efficient way to level up fast in Magikarp Jump without having to invest in expensive berries and training. The strategy has been aptly dubbed the “two berry method”, and is probably the easiest way to earn Jump Power (JP) and level up fast in Magikarp Jump. This guide will explain how the two-berry method works and what makes this Magikarp Jump trick so effective. 

Magikarp Jump Two Berry Method

Oran and Sitrus Berries are the key to leveling up fast in Magikarp Jump.

Simply put, the two berry method in Magikarp Jump is a trick that involves only upgrading the first two berries in your food list: the Oran Berry and Sitrus Berry. The goal is to continuously upgrade these initial two berries, keeping their upgrades relatively even as you level up. 

To understand how the two berry method works in Magikarp Jump, you’ll have to first understand a few of the game’s fundamental game mechanics: 

  • As your Magikarp eats food in the pond, it will earn JP that allow it to get stronger. When there’s no food in the pond for more than a second, the game will spawn in your weakest berry.
  • Retiring your Magikarp will cause your pond to become filled with food to its maximum capacity.
  • Berries and Training Regime upgrades get significantly stronger every 25 ranks, up to a max of 100.
We focused more on upgrading the Oran Berry more than the Sitrus, but both have proven to level our Magikarp fast.

According to Misuto-M on the Magikarp Jump Reddit, the two berry method allows you to earn the JP from your weakest berry every second or so. By only upgrading the first two berries and keeping their JP output relatively equal, the weakest berry will actually become quite strong. 

Even though you’ll unlock new berries as your trainer level increases, don’t bother spending coins to upgrade anything beyond the initial two berries. Spending coins on upgrades for the Oran and Sitrus berries seems to be more cost effective than unlocking future berries at higher costs. Upgrading three berries or more at a time ends up being much more expensive than trying to upgrade only the first two berries through to their max rank, especially considering how expensive the first upgrade is for something like the Pecha Berry, which is next on the list. 

Choose Magikarp with Food Bonus

To maximize your JP earnings with the two berry method, be sure to choose Magikarp that have an Individual Bonus that offers a JP bonus for food. This will boost the amount of JP you earn for each berry your Magikarp eats. Combine this with the amount of JP you get from only upgrading the first two berries, and you should be able to level up your Magikarp in no time. 

The two berry method is an effective way for active players to level up their Magikarp in Magikarp Jump. The only downside is that constantly chowing down on just two types of food items can start to feel a bit redundant. However, once you’ve upgraded the first two berries to a decent JP output, you’ll notice how much faster your Magikarp reaches its max level. 

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