Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire - All Drivers and Taxis

A complete list of taxis, drivers, and their purchase price.

There are 60 Drivers in Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire and figuring out where all the drivers belong can be tough to figure out. The game only shows you three Drivers at a time, requiring you to scroll through an entire list. Below, we’ve listed all 12 locations, all 60 drivers, and their purchase price.

The more drivers in a taxi they love, the faster you will be able to Sell Out. Make sure you read up on how Sell Out works so you can take full advantage of the feature. Check out our Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire Tips and Cheats for more handy hints.

All Drivers and Taxis

Central Driver Name Buy Cost Symbol
Skipper 4
Flex 10
Slater 20
Whisper 100
Midtown Driver Name Buy Cost
Melt 711.47
Underwood 1422.94
Summer 2134.42
Fuzz Z 12806.52
Sage 74704.71
West of the Park Driver Name Buy Cost
Click 720171.08
MX XXXX 1.44 M
Stella & Snout 2.16 M
Iceman 12.963 M
Gus - embroidered 75.617 M
Jacinto Square Driver Name Buy Cost
Shady 498.909 M
Sprinkles 997.818 M
Huck 1.496 B
Heather 8.98 B
Gena (Leopard) 52.385 B
The Strip Driver Name Buy Cost
Gretchen 419.083 B
Bernard 838.167 B
Zax 1.257 T
Gena 7.543 T
Angel 44.003 T
The Boroughs Driver Name Buy Cost
Axel 310.346 T
Darla 620.693 T
McDougal 931.04 T
Samantha q
Slash 32.586 q
Downtown Driver Name Buy Cost
Jackie 213.687 q
Nane 427.375 q
Bijul 641.062 q
Boom 3.846 Q
Victor 22.437 Q
Emerald Dunes Driver Name Buy Cost
B.D. Joe (Elvis) 224.294 Q
Phoenix 448.589 Q
Mayday 672.884 Q
Mrs Venus 4.037 s
Bixbite 23.55 s
The Bridge Driver Name Buy Cost
Keytar Bear 161.492 s
Cord 322.984 s
Pickles W.T. 484.477 s
King 2.906 S
Cinnamon 16.956 S
Boardwalk Driver Name Buy Cost
Jam 129.141 S
Gus (Hand on Chin) 258.282 S
Berry 387.423 S
Liz 2.324 o
B.D. Joe (Red Hat) 13.559 o
Outskirts Driver Name Buy Cost
Stephenson 98.83 o
Bilal 197.661 o
Mara 296.492 o
Pixie 1.778 n
Kina 10.377 n
Midtown Driver Name Buy Cost
Gustav 95.539 n
Lark 191.079 n
Rose (Grey hair) 286.619 n
Seela 1.719 d
Hot-D 10.131 d

When you only have a few drivers unlocked, it can be useful to place the late-area drivers in early-area slots. For instance, if you're only up to The Boroughs, it can be a good idea to put Hot-D in a spot where you haven't unloced the driver. If you're missing a few late-game drivers, be sure to check out our guide on how to unlock missing Drivers.

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