7 Most Played Tanks in June 2017

These tanks were played more than the rest in June 2017.

A lot of World of Tanks gets played each month, with hundreds of armored vehicles rolling out onto the battlefield. There will always be tanks that are more popular than others, whether it’s for their easy-to-use nature, the fact that they are excellent credit earners, or because they're just loved by the community.

Below, we’ve listed the seven most played tanks on North American servers in June 2017 according to vBAddict. Did your favorite tank make the cut?

7. M18 Hellcat

At number 7, the M18 Hellcat comes as no surprise. It's one of the most popular tanks in World of Tanks. With 86,939 battles under its belt, this American Tank Destroyer is arguably one of the best TDs, and belongs to a solid USA tank line. It's also Bill's (aka Rumpo) favorite vehicle in the game, so that fool is likely 10,000 of those battles.

Check out the World of Tanks video below where the Chieftain – whom we interviewed just the other day – gives us a look at the M18 Hellcat as part of a behind the scenes for Saints & Soldiers.

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