7 Ways to Get the Most from Your PS4

There are a lot of tricks and features that most people aren’t aware of on the PS4.

There’s no question that the PS4 is the current superpower when it comes to the never-ending console war with the Xbox family of machines. It’s a beautiful system with a lot of fantastic features that can be used to get maximum value from your purchase. However, because there are so many things that you can do with your PS4, it’s unlikely that you know them all, let alone are taking advantage of them.

Adding an External HDD

The size of video games is getting out of control, and it’s not going to get better. File sizes for your favorite titles will continue to exceed 50GB of space on your PS4, which can be a lot if you’re only working with a 500GB HDD. Luckily, Sony recently added external HDD support to the PS4, allowing you to increase the amount of HDD space available to install games without having to perform surgery on your PS4 and replace the internal HDD, which is possible. Just make sure you don’t encounter error CE-37857-0 when you connect the external HDD.


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