Fastest Time to Kill Crucible Weapons in Destiny 2

Get your sweat on with the best Crucible weapons in the Destiny 2 Beta.

The Destiny 2 beta is finally here, and you will need to use the right weapons if you want to dominate the Crucible this week. TTK stands for Time to Kill, which is the amount of time a weapon takes to kill a Guardian assuming you land all shots and are firing at the ideal rate. While most of us are not firing at the ideal rate, and not hitting all our shots, the weapons with the lowest TTK will still be faster. So, let us figure out the best weapons in Destiny 2, then hope Bungie does not nerf them.

Before we begin, a special thank you to Mercules904 for crunching these numbers. He has been doing this work for the original Destiny, and is back at it again for Destiny 2. This article will ignore power weapons, since they are all capable of killing in one shot, making TTK a useless number. There is a reason why their ammo is scarce!

Best Scout Rifle in Destiny 2

The best Scout rifle in the Destiny 2 beta is the Black Scorpion-4SR, with an optimal TTK of 1.17 seconds. This is the highest rate of fire Scout archetype in Destiny 2 (that we know of so far), so you will need to land 6 headshots for this 1.17 time.

Best Hand Cannon in Destiny 2

The Sunshot Exotic Hand Cannon is the TTK king here, with an optimal time of 1.3 seconds. Looking at that number is a great example of how much the TTK has gone up in Destiny 2. In Destiny 1, when The Last Word Hand Cannon was the weapon of choice for Crucible warriors, the TTK was 0.53!

Be sure you know how to unlock the Sunshot Exotic Hand Cannon before you head into Crucible!

Best Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

This one is a bit of a tie, between the Deathstalker-4AU and the exotic Sweet Business. Both clock in at an optimal time of 0.93, but the Sweet Business must be spun up to that number first. If you are not pre-firing, Sweet Business has a TTK of 1.67. Sweet business is more stable than the Deathstalker, and has a nice hip fire bonus. If you are comfortable pre-firing it up to speed, use Sweet Business. If not, try out the Deathstalker-4AU.

Best Submachine Gun in Destiny 2

The SMG weapon class has finally made it to Destiny. Although Doctrine of Passing had the same rate of fire as these Destiny 2 SMGs, these SMGs have great mobility relative to Auto Rifles. Every Legendary SMG in the Destiny 2 beta has an optimal TTK of 1.00 second flat. Since the Phosphoros MG4 has the highest stability and range of the three, we will give it the nod.

Best Sidearm in Destiny 2

The Urchin-3SI has an optimal TTK of 0.83 seconds, good for the fastest non-power weapon TTK so far! Sidearms have always been strong in the Destiny world, though they take a skilled hand and a lot of map knowledge to use effectively.

If you find yourself getting beat up in Countdown, check out our Countdown tips and bring one of these weapons in with you. These number are subject to change of course, as Destiny 2 is still a beta, but this should give you a good idea for your next Crucible match. As of right now, we say the Urchin-3SI, Deathstalker-4AU and the Phosphoros MG4 are the best weapons in the Destiny 2 beta.

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