GIFs of the Week - Week 25

From miraculous recoveries, to TDs doing things they probably shouldn't be able to, it's all here.

It seems to be backwards week this week, as every gif displays something obscure happening in World of Tanks that should not be. From 152mm calibre snipers to “arty safe” locations, we have it all. Don’t forget to check out last week’s edition for more ridiculous happenings in this game. I especially like the last gif, for unbiased reasons of course.

Hon Hon!

Uberrandom shows his incredible feat of skill in the French Tier 9 Light Tank, the AMX 13 90. While circling an E 50, he decides to complete an advanced U-turn manoeuvre to nimbly dodge incoming fire at point-blank range before emptying his 4 round magazine into its side and rear, setting it alight with the last well aimed shell, in order to watch it cook to death. Truly a master of the arts.


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