Top 5 Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks

Discover the most powerful Heavies World of Tanks has to offer.

Heavy Tanks are pretty much the undisputed champions of the corridor meta, and we’ve talked about their subclasses a lot as a result. Be it Super Heavies, Support Heavies, or Assault Heavies, we’ll be taking a look at the overall champions of the class in this article.


Down at Tier 6 we have the O-I; a Tier 6 Super Heavy with extremely thick frontal and rear armor for its Tier. This nominal thickness can not only prove a challenge for equal-Tier Mediums and lower Tiers, but its machine gun turrets can ricochet any gun in the game providing the angle is steep enough. Heads up, though, the O-I’s armor is receiving a well-justified rebalance in Update 9.20.

The O-I is very slow and cumbersome as a result, but sacrifices nothing in the firepower department as it boasts an outstanding 150mm howitzer capable of firing AP, HEAT, or HE rounds to fit the situation. This versatility in ammunition on a gun with such damage potential proves very problematic against practically any opponent.

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