5 Tips to Earn the Most XP in World of Tanks

Maximise your Experience income in World of Tanks.

World of Tanks is a grind-intensive game with a vast progression system – it’s probably the thing that has held me for so many years. Part of that, however, is having to stick out a particularly terrible grind that just doesn’t seem to end. This article should help you out with a few tips to maximise your XP-earning potential.

If your problems are more Credit-oriented, check out the Top Premium Tanks to Farm Credits.

Personal Reserves

Something that everyone has, but most forget about.

An example of my Personal Reserves tab.

Personal Reserves, especially XP boosters, are handed out like candy by Wargaming. If you haven’t been using them, I can almost guarantee you have at least a couple of hundred saved up. There are probably some missions going on right now that you didn’t even know about, with the reward being a lifetime’s supply of XP boosters. “Buy this Premium bundle, we’ll throw in 50 reserves out of nowhere”. Go mow the lawn outside of the garage, rewarded with 10 Personal Reserves. Pet Szarik inside your Rudy and call him a good boy, 30 more boosters. Probably.

You just need to remember to actually use them. Open up that window in the top left telling you that you have One Million Reserves stored up and get more out of every game you play. Don’t forget about Free XP and Crew XP Reserves, too.


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