Destiny 2 Players Have Created a Handy Leviathan Raid Map

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this map with you!

Destiny 2 is in full swing, and while PC players are still waiting for Bungie’s latest hit to reach their Blizzard accounts, console players are already putting their cartography skills to the test by mapping out some of the Leviathan raid’s more complex and confusing sections.

Over on the DestinyTheGame Subreddit, user Addesso has created an extremely detailed and clean map of the Leviathan’s Underbelly area. For those not in the know, the Underbelly is the access tunnels of the Leviathan, a twisting labyrinth of corridors, vents, fans, and security rooms that are nigh impossible to navigate.

This easy-to-read map of the Leviathan Underbelly is thanks to Reddit user Adddesso.
This easy-to-read map of the Leviathan Underbelly is thanks to Reddit user Adddesso.

The Underbelly isn’t part of the raid, so you will find no bosses there. However, the Underbelly is used as a secret area where reward chests can be found. These chests are unlocked using keys that drop when you clear a raid challenge – so it’s worth venturing into the Underbelly to claim your extra rewards.

Unfortunately, navigating the Underbelly is a nightmare, as the twists and turns never seem to stop, and that’s before you try and overcome the numerous obstacles. Using the above map will be helpful, especially if you’re not sure where the chest is for the key you received. Simply look for the name of the area on the map that matches your key, and follow the flowchart-like paths until you reach your chest.

It’s worth noting that a few of the chests are behind locked doors that only open if you manage to kill four security robots before they trigger the alarms. In the event your chest is in said room, you can enter the room and work out where the robots are, clear the reinforcements, and then assign each player a robot to kill. Leave the room to reset it and give a countdown for when you’ll pull the lever to enter. If done correctly, all the robots should be destroyed within a few seconds, and the gilded door will open, revealing your chest.

It's always fascinating watching the Destiny community band together to create tools for users to use. The Destiny Item Manager is one such tool that has been around since 2014, that players can use to transfer their weapons and gear across without having to use Bungie's rather clunky phone app.

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