Call of Duty: WWII trailer showcases gritty campaign

Follow Ronald "Red" Daniels from Normandy to Berlin.

Following what was by all accounts a pretty well-received multiplayer beta, Activision has switched focus to Call of Duty: World War II's ambitious story mode for its latest big reveal, giving us our first sense of how the player will chart a path through this infamous conflict.

Playing as Private Ronald "Red" Daniels, players will get their first taste of battle on the beaches of Normandy as part of the amphibious D-Day assault that gave the Allies their spearhead into Central Europe. Red and his squad then fight across France and beyond, taking in famous locations like the Battle of the Bulge, before pushing on into Germany.

Judging by the story trailer, Red and his brothers in arms also find themselves trying to rescue at least one squadmate captured by predictably heinous-looking Nazis.

Call of Duty: World War II is due out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 3 and marks the series' much-anticipated return to the conflict that gave life to it back in the late 90s.


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