Destiny 2 patch fixes Nightfall problems

Released following this week's maintenance downtime.

Bungie has issued a "hotfix" - apparently this is what we're calling patches these days - for Destiny 2 that fixes various problems, including issues with Nightfall Strike modifiers.

According to the patch notes, the developer had observed issues with the Prism modifier, which cycles through elemental damage buffs and debuffs, and a similar issue involving the as-yet unseen Momentum modifier.

Given that the Nightfall is one of Destiny 2's toughest challenges, and players need all the help they can get, these are certainly welcome changes.

Bungie also resolved a couple of weapon-related issues. One would cause players not to receive the Man O' War Linear Fusion Rifle quest reward if they had a full weapon inventory (players can now collect it from Asher Mir on Io), while another would see Wardcliff Coil deliver an unintended amount of damage to a specific object in the Leviathan Raid.

Check out the patch notes if you're interested in what else the devs tidied up.


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