Darksiders 3 studio reveals survival shooter Remnant

Dimension-hopping multiplayer action awaits.

We already know that developer Gunfire Games has Darksiders III coming this November, but now we also know what they're working on for 2019. It's a new action IP called Remnant: From The Ashes, and it looks and sounds pretty interesting.

Take a look.

The idea behind the game is that the Earth has been taken over by an aggressive alien species known as The Root. In order to reclaim the planet, you'll need to band together with other survivors and venture into other dimensions to design and craft weaponry that will even the odds.

Each of these alternate dimensions will be its own procedurally generated experience with its own unique enemies and environments. Some will be "behemoths the size of buildings" while others will be "hordes of small, deadly terrors". You'll be able to find and befriend tradespeople, who will then take refuge in your home base and offer their skills to improve your inventory for future foraging expeditions.

Crucially, you'll be able to team up with three other players, each rocking skills from "multiple hero archetypes".

A playable demo will reportedly be available for those attending Gamescom in Germany or PAX East next month. Remnant: From the Ashes is due in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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