New training mode coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

A new opportunity to master weapons and vehicles in PUBG.

Developer PUBG Corp. recently announced that a new training mode and map will soon be added to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The “PUBG Training Mode” is currently scheduled to launch this coming September, and is part of the developer’s ongoing “Fix PUBG” campaign. According to Dave Curd, team leader for PUBG Corp., the PUBG Training Mode is intended to help everyone from newbies to pro PUBG players master the game.

Senior Designer at PUBG Corp., Dave Osei, added to that sentiment by explaining: “We wanted to go beyond what players were asking for, so we didn’t want the map to be just a shooting range, but an open, living map where players can test a variety of skills to their heart’s content.”

Not only will the PUBG Training Mode give players the ability to test out new weapons, vehicles, and strategies without having to fear enemy opponents, it also gives offers a unique opportunity to warm up before diving into a real game.

A new Training Mode is being added to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in September.
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This may not be necessary to constant PUBG players, but those returning to give PUBG another shot after being away for a few months will undoubtedly appreciate the ability to “catch up” offered by the PUBG Training Mode. While the PUBG Training Mode may be expanded upon in the future, players can expect the following features when it launches this September: 

  • Firing ranges of 400, 800, and 1,000 meters.
  • Free-standing stationary and moving targets, both in and outside buildings.
  • Ranges for melee and throwables practice.
  • A parkour area, a close-quarters combat course, and an indoor close-quarters combat range.
  • A long track, racing track, off-road course, and stunt ramps for vehicles.
  • A water vehicle course with ramps.
  • Tables of equipment for melee weapons, guns, attachments, gear, ammunition, and throwables.

For more information on the exact launch date and times of the PUBG Training Mode, be sure to bookmark the PUBG blog, and follow PUBG on Twitter. While we wait for the release of the PUBG Training Mode, let us know down in the comments below your thoughts on the latest addition to PUBG!

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