How to take selfies in Spider-Man on PS4

Learn how to enter selfie mode and capture your best moments in Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4.

Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has proven to be a blockbuster hit worthy of its cinematic counterparts. Peter Parker remains a photograph-snapping journalist in this version of his story, and no modern reimagining of the role would be complete without the ability to take selfies. Spidey is no slouch at them either, happy to throw out a peace sign while dangling a few hundred feet in the air. We reckon you'd be looking at a bit more than a shattered screen if you dropped a phone from those heights, so it's a good job he has superhuman reflexes. 

Photo modes are becoming a staple in open-world games, but Spider-Man's selfies are a fun twist on the format. Accessing the Photo Mode and setting up your perfect selfie isn't immediately obvious, but we've got the steps needed to get you capturing your good side in no time. Read on to learn how to take selfies in Spider-Man on PS4.

How to take selfies

© Insomniac
© Insomniac

Before you can start taking shots of your surroundings, you need to make sure your game version is up to date. The Photo Mode wasn't included in the retail release of Spider-Man, arriving instead in a day one patch for the game. If you bought the physical copy, make sure you've updated the game as otherwise you won't be able to access the Photo Mode at all.

Once your game is patched and you've found a suitable spot for your inaugral selfie, hit the Options button to bring up the game's menu. Photo Mode should be on this list and selecting it will pause the game, so make sure you're in the right place first! From here you should see a menu in the bottom right of your screen which includes the option Camera Type. Click on this and you'll be given a range of different viewpoints to scroll through. Keep going until you find the Selfie mode which should give you a shot pointed directly at Spidey's face. 

There are a few different settings available within the Selfie Camera Type, including the ability to add filters (of course) or mess with the background and framing. Unfortunately you can't select how to pose for the photo, though Peter Parker may decide to throw up a gesture when you enter the Selfie Camera Type. Play around until you've got a picture you're happy with and then capture away! If only it was that easy in real life, eh?

That's really all there is to taking selfies in Marvel's Spider-Man. If the mode proves popular enough we're hopefuly Insomniac will add the option to select a few different poses for Spidey, but we'll take what we can get for now. We have a few other guides for Marvel's Spider-Man caught in our web here at AllGamers, so why not have a read? Here's how to greet citizens and earn yourself a shiny trophy for the game.

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