Getting ready for battle in Honkai Impact 3rd

Strategies that'll help you dominate the battlefield in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Any futuristic combat team of experimental battlesuits will tell you that the only way to operate like a well-oiled machine is preparation. And experimental battlesuits.

In Honkai Impact 3rd, since you already have a healthy roster of Valkyries to choose from, the only thing you’re missing is the preparation. Here’s how to get ready for battle against the end of the world.

Load Up and Load Out

There are three main tools you’ll need to take care of the monsters creeping out of the woodwork, and those are Valkyries, Stigmata and Weapons.

You run into battle with three Valkyries and each are equipped with three Stigmata each and a weapon specific to their character’s combat style. All three of these tools can be leveled up, upgraded and refined to make your fireteam the most effective they can be.

Stigmata? I ‘ardly Know ‘er!

Stigmata are marks that empower your Valkyrie with additional stats and special skills. There are three slots – top, middle and bottom as denoted by the B, M or T in brackets next to their name – and sets that complement your Valk’s strengths.

Gathering together two or three of a set can give you bonuses, too, but it’s not always the best loadout for your team. Try mixing and matching to find the most powerful combination from the Stigmata you have available, that will help you earn more as you rack up win after win!

Weapon of Choice

Each character has their own fighting style, so their Valkyries will use different weapons than another character’s. Mei is adept with katana and tachi blades, so her Crimson Impulse and Shadow Dash Valkyries can swap blades between them but won’t have any use for dual pistols.

Those are more useful for Kiana’s Valkyries, trained in the ultimate martial art of Gun Kata, and itching to let their trigger fingers loose on the Honkai.

Each character’s weapons come in varying rarities, which higher value weapons also adding new skills and abilities for Valkyrie to use in battle. They can also be enhanced and upgraded to amp up their stats by using equipment materials that drop as rewards in battle.

Girl Power

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Valkyrie all have their strengths and weaknesses, from the type system to support or DPS roles, so finding the right girl for the job is a skill for any true captain. Once you know who you’ll be sending into battle, level them up with EXP to unlock skill tiers and increase the equipment load they can take.

Then you can slot more powerful Stigmata and weapons into their loadout. As you go through the game you’ll find that perfect mix for your playstyle and be able to supercharge your team in no time! Want to test these strategies out for yourself? You can download Honkai Impact 3rd by clicking here

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