Kill Sean Bean in Hitman 2 as first Elusive Target revealed

For England, Agent 47?

Elusive Targets are back in Hitman 2, and the first person on your time-limited hitlist is the eternally murdered Sean Bean.

Thankfully Bean's so used to dying by now that he's recorded this little goodbye message for when you take on his character, Mark Faba, in the Miami level of Hitman 2.

Knowingly named The Undying, this Elusive Target will appear on Hitman 2's November 20 launch, at which point you'll have just 10 days to take down the immortal actor. No pressure, he's just never not died before.

Watch out though, it seems Mr Faba is quite skilled at turning everyday objects into deadly weapons or distractions, pity none of them have saved him before, eh? One more to add to the list, Agent 47.


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