All Van der Linde Camp upgrades available in Red Dead Redemption 2

Check out all the camp upgrades and learn what each one does.

The Van der Linde camp is the main hub for everything in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur Morgan will spend a lot of his time accepting various missions, playing cards, sprucing up his looks, and interacting with his fellow gang members. As a result, it’s recommended that you take the time to upgrade each of the camp’s amenities. Every upgrade will help you deal with the harsh and brutal world around you, so make sure you check out our list of all the upgrades and their individual benefits below.

How do you upgrade the Van der Linde camp?

To the start upgrading the Van der Linde camp, walk over to Dutch’s quarters, then look for the Contributions/Ledger option. You can locate the ledger on the map by finding the briefcase with a dollar sign on it. Once you open the ledger, you can view all the available upgrades, as well as how much money is required to buy them. However, if the camp doesn’t have the funds required, then the money will come out of Arthur Morgan’s pocket. As a result, focus on purchasing the upgrades you really need to avoid breaking the bank early on. Of course, once you’ve done a few heists and bounties, you’ll have more money to splurge.  

Medicine upgrades                      

Strauss’s Wagon serves as the game’s medicine station, which deals with various substances that bolster health, stamina, and dead eye. More options will become available once you upgrade this station. You can check out all the upgrades and individual benefits below:


Cost: Free (Default)

Benefit: Cures and bitters

Sharpen the Senses

Cost: $30

Benefit: Snake Oil and potent bitters

Something with Kick

Cost: $50

Benefit: Tonics and premium liquor

The Good Stuff

Cost: $75

Benefit: Potent health cures and tonics

Provisions upgrades

Pearson’s Wagon also serves to enhance your health, stamina, and dead eye, but unlike Strauss’s Wagon, it deals with the camp’s food provisions. You’ll need to feed Arthur to stop him from becoming underweight and malnourished, so be sure to stock up on some food to give him the energy he needs. Food is also required when looking after your horse. As a result, upgrading this station should be a priority.  


Cost: Free (Default)

Benefits: The basics, bread and biscuits

Less Bland

Cost: $30

Benefits: Fresh fruit and basic canned goods

Some Real Variety

Cost: $45

Benefit: Chewing Tobacco and premium canned goods

Treat Ourselves

Cost: $55

Benefit: Cocaine, Chewing Gum, and assorted sweets

Ammunition and arms upgrades

Upgrading Arthur’s Wagon is a must for those that like to burn through their bullets. Get rid of your early-game woes by chucking some money at this upgrade. If you want to get the full use out of your firearms, then this upgrade is a must.

Start Simple

Cost: Free (Default)

Benefit: Revolver and Pistol ammo

Improve Our Offense

Cost: $60

Benefit: Repeater ammo and Arrows

Some Real Firepower

Cost: $90

Benefit: Throwing Knives, Shotgun and Rifle ammo

Let’s Have Some Fun

Cost: $100

Benefit: Fire Bottles and High-Velocity Repeater ammo

Lodging upgrades  

Lodging upgrades deal with the living quarters for Dutch, Arthur, and the entire Van der Linde camp. The first few upgrades are just minor aesthetic changes, but later on, there are some fantastic benefits that you won’t want to miss out on.  

Bare Bones Shelter

Cost: Free (Default)

Benefit: Basic canvas. Old fur for warmth

First Things First

Cost: $220

Benefit: Dutch wants something comfier

Next in Line

Cost: $325

Benefit: Arthur wants a map to help plan journeys (Fast Travel)

For Everyone

Cost: $300

Benefit: Improve the rest of the tents in the camp

Other camp upgrades

The final four upgrades impact the entire camp and each one will greatly improve your stay in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, these remaining upgrades are some of the most expensive things you can purchase in the entire game, so be prepared to break into many a bank if you want them.

Horse Station

Cost: $300

Benefit: It would be great to have more room to hitch (Retrieve owned horses)

Chicken Coop

Cost: $175

Benefit: Some local farms are selling off old coops (better stew)

Leather Working Tools

Cost: $225

Benefit: If we get Pearson better tools he can make extra gear

Camp Boat

Cost: $450

Benefit: Met a traveller selling an old boat. Useful? (Adds a boat to camp)


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