Where to find bobby pins in Fallout 76?

No safe is safe in Fallout 76 when you have a bobby pin.

The humble bobby has allowed sneaky players to crack open locks and obtain precious loot for many a decade. Fallout 76’s wastelands are filled with all kinds of hidden treasures and goodies, but you’ll need to find a few bobby pins first if you wish to get your hands on the best gear. No safe will remain locked if you know where to find Fallout 76’s bobby pins.

Where to find bobby pins

You can find bobby pins pretty much everywhere. In fact, Fallout 76 is literally overflowing with them. They can be found in crates, tool boxes, on top of roofs, in cupboards, and can even be looted from your foes. Of course, if you wish to have a constant supply on hand, then the best way to obtain them is by purchasing them from various wasteland vendors.

The Responder Vendor in Morgantown Airport sells bobby pins for 13 caps a piece. This might not seem like an awful lot, but it can soon add up, especially if you're a new player who has recently left the safety of the vault. Also, be aware that picking locks in Fallout 76 requires you to have the same lockpicking level as the lock you want to crack. We suggest scavenging for bobby pins in the early game to help you save a little money.


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