How to trade in Fallout 76

Make merry and trade gear with other Fallout 76 players.

Part of what makes Fallout 76 so different from previous Bethesda games is the jolly cooperation involved between players. The wasteland is filled with dangerous beasts and hazardous terrain, so you’ll need to have the right gear if you wish to survive. Thankfully, you can trade weapons, armour, and other items with those you see out in the wasteland. Fallout 76’s trading system can be a little obtuse, but this guide will help get you on your feet.

How to trade with other players

To set up a trade in Fallout 76 you need to first find a willing buyer/seller and an item that you wish to buy or sell. Of course, if you have an inventory full of common goods and general clutter, then chances are another player won’t want to purchase them. The rarer and more useful the item, the more likely another player will want to part with their hard-earned caps. Once you locate another player who is willing to buy or sell an item, you can begin trading. To do this, approach the player and hold the offer/accept trade button, select the item you want to sell, input the price you want the player to pay, then confirm by highlighting the item and select “offer”.

Following these steps will result in an item being offered for sale to the other player. When a fellow adventurer has an item to sell to you, you’ll see these items in their inventory. The following steps will finalise the trade:

  • Pull right trigger to interact with other player’s offered items
  • Highlight item and press the “buy item” button
  • Confirm the purchase

Make sure you set up an agreed-upon price for the goods before trading just in case things don’t go smoothly. Trading is a great way to make a lot of bottle caps in Fallout 76, so think twice before you go pulling the trigger.


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