The best way to earn Coins fast in Anthem

Maximize your profits with our guide on the best way to earn Coins fast in Anthem.

Anthem has a truckload of customization options to unlock for your Javelins, letting you tailor them to your tastes. However, if you want access to your favorite emote or entrance animation, you’ll first need to purchase them with Coins. Coins are one of Anthem’s two main currency formats, and the one you’ll be able to earn in-game. We prefer not to spend real cash on in-game microtransactions, earning our Coins through in-game activities instead. To help you maximize your moolah too, here are our tips on the best ways to get Coins fast in Anthem.

The best ways to earn Coins in Anthem

The best way to earn Coins fast in Anthem
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You’ll earn Coins through a range of activities in Anthem. The main one of these will be completing the main missions available in the game. You’ll only earn a small amount for each, but since you’ll be playing these anyway, you’ll build up a nice reserve as you go.


The next best thing you can do for more Coins is to take on Challenges. To view the Challenges you available in Anthem, open up the Cortex. In here you’ll be given more detailed instructions on what you need to do to complete each Challenge. Typically these will be using certain weapons or Javelins for kills, but occasionally you might need to do something more outlandish.

Along with a set of fixed Challenges to give you an initial boost, you’ll be offered both Daily and Monthly Challenges to complete, so we recommend prioritizing the Daily ones. You’ll typically complete the Monthly Challenges if you play a decent amount of the running time, so you’re better off increasing your income with the Daily ones instead.

It’s worth taking note of the rewards each challenge provides when you look at the breakdown in the Cortex. Some will offer more coins than others, and some won’t reward Coins at all. If you’re only interested in getting more cash in the bank, don’t waste your time on Challenges that won’t give you what you want.

How to get coins fast in Anthem
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How to spend coins

Coins can be spent in a few different ways, but the most common will probably be buying things from the Vanity Store. It’s here that you’ll find the skins that most players covet, so have a browse and see what you like on your Javelin. If you’re after emotes or new animations, the Forge is where you want to head. Here you’ll be able to buy and equip new emotes with your Coins.

If nothing draws the eye in the cosmetic and emote stores, you can also spend Coins to buy items such as Weapon Parts that you need for crafting. We don’t recommend doing this however, as these can all comfortably be earned through in-game activities. Buying resources like this with Coins gets expensive quickly, and will mean you aren’t able to save up for pricey skins, so only do this if you’re not fussed by the store.

Now that you know the best ways to earn Coins in Anthem, visit our Anthem hub for more guides, tips and tricks for the game

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