How to get red orbs fast in Devil May Cry 5

Learn the best ways to get more red orbs fast through combat exploration and more in Devil May Cry 5.

When you’re not hacking or slashing your way through demonic monsters in Devil May Cry 5, you’ll likely want to purchase skills and upgrades that’ll help you hack and slash even better than before. Unlocking these costs red orbs, also known as crystallized demon blood. You’re going to need a lot of them to purchase all the upgrades in the game, and that means it’s worth learning the best ways to get red orbs in Devil May Cry 5.

How to get red orbs fast in DMC5

How to get red orbs fast in Devil May Cry 5
Red orbs are rather ugly, best spend them quickly! © Capcom

Red orbs have a number of uses in DMC5, and are required to unlock new moves and Devil Breakers, or to purchase blue, purple and gold orbs. If you were planning to buy absolutely everything offered in Nico’s shop you’d need a whopping 11 million red orbs, which is no small feat. While most players won’t go to such extreme lengths, they’ll still need a good number of orbs for all the moves they’re after, so here’s how to earn them.

Red orbs are rewarded for almost every single activity in DMC5, from fighting to exploring to smashing up certain bits of of the environment. However, you’ll want to focus on the following activities to maximize your earnings:


Red orbs are gained while killing enemies, but you’ll get a lot more if you manage to maintain a Stylish ranking while doing so. Practice those combos and dodges well and you’ll net a decent haul of orbs from each fight. At the end of a mission you’ll be informed of how stylish your fights were and rewarded with a corresponding quantity of orbs.

best ways to get red orbs in DMC5
Here's what red orb clusters look like. Thanks to Shacknews for the image. © Capcom

Finding red orb clusters/destroying crystallized demon blood trees

Red orb clusters and crystallized demon blood trees look quite similar, appearing as large red blocks of solidified demon blood. If you spot any, make sure to smash them with basic sword attacks to earn a clump of red orbs. The clusters are fairly common, but the crystallized demon blood trees are usually hidden in hard to reach or spot areas. Exploring and discovering these hidden red orb troves will reward with a wealth of orbs to spend.

Wearing the Dr. Faust hat

This last tip won’t apply to most players, but if you’ve made it far enough to use the Dr. Faust hat (unlocked for Dante only after mission 13). As well as looking fairly ridiculous, the Dr. Faust hat offers a deal fitting for its name. When wearing it, any enemies hit by the hat will be marked. Attacking a marked enemy will cause them to hemmorage red orbs for you to collect.

It sounds great, but the catch is that any hits you take will cause you to lose red orbs. In addition, certain attacks with the hat also drain your red orbs. You’ll need a good mastery of the combat to make the most of it, but if you can move around and dish out targeted damage without taking any yourself, the Dr. Faust hat is a great way to boost your red orb earnings.

Those are the best ways to get red orbs fast in Devil May Cry 5, but we have more guides to help you out on Dante, Nero and V's adventure. Click here to learn about swapping Devil Breakers in DMC5!

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