Swap Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5

Change up your style by learning how to organize your Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.

In Devil May Cry 5, one thing players will likely want to know early on is whether or not it’s possible to change or swap Nero’s Devil Breakers. While there’s no easy way to change between Devil Breaker types in battle, there are a few approaches you can take when it comes to the order your Devil Breakers appear in.

To help simplify everything, we’ve put together a quick guide on ways to swap your Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.

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Swap Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5

Howto swap Devil Breakers in DMC5
You can adjust the order of your Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5 in Nico's Van.
© Capcom

As noted above, there’s no quick or easy way to swap between Devil Breakers in battle while playing as Nero in Devil May Cry 5. Instead, you’ll need to take a more strategic approach when it comes to which Devil Breakers you use and in what order. The best way to do this is to carefully assign your Devil Breaker order.

This can be done by interacting with the shop inside Nico’s Van. In this shop, you’ll be able to purchase new Devil Breakers from Nico, and arrange the order of your Devil Breaker’s via the Equipment tab. As expected, the Devil Breaker you assign to the first slot will be used first in battle, followed by the second, and third, and so on.

As you play through the game, you’ll unlock new Devil Breakers which can either be purchased directly from Nico, or found at random on the ground. When you pick up a Devil Breaker off the ground, it’ll automatically be assigned to the last free slot. For example, if you have Gerbera in your first slot, picking up Overture will assign it to the next free slot. This means you’ll need to use Gerbera before you can access Overture.

Nico in DMC5. Swap Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.
You can buy new Devil Breakers from Nico in Devil May Cry 5.
© Capcom

While the best approach is to plan out the order of your Devil Breakers, this strategy isn’t ideal for every situation. As an alternative, you can destroy the Devil Breaker in your first slot in order to access a different Devil Breaker in your second slot. To do this, you can either use LB on Xbox One or L1 on PlayStation 4 to destroy your current Devil Breaker. In doing so, the next Devil Breaker will automatically equip.

Keep in mind that we don’t recommend this all the time, as it essentially wastes your Devil Breaker. Instead, you can simply use the Devil Breaker in battle until it breaks. All of the Devil Breakers are useful in their own unique way, and it’s better to use and break them in battle if you can. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock additional Devil Breakers slots for Nero, with the maximum slot capacity set to nine.

These slots are unlocked in exchange for Red Orbs, and the option to unlock all nine isn’t immediately available. Instead, you’ll need to progress through the campaign until the option to unlock a new Devil Breaker slot is offered. At that point, if you have the appropriate amount of Red Orbs on hand, you can unlock the new slot in the Skills tab, purchase your Devil Breakers from Nico, and assign them based on your order of preference. In doing so, you’ll be fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

How to swap Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5
You can upgrade the slot count for your Devil Breakers, with nine being the max number of slots in Devil May Cry 5.
© Capcom

Wondering what sort of Devil Breakers are available in Devil May Cry 5? Below, we’ve listed all of the Devil Breakers you’ll encounter while playing Devil May Cry 5!

  • Gerbera
  • Overture
  • Punch Line
  • Buster Arm
  • Tomboy
  • Ragtime
  • Helter Skelter
  • Rawhide
  • Gerbera GP-01 (Deluxe Version Only)
  • Mega Buster (Deluxe Version Only)
  • Sweet Surrender (Deluxe Version Only)
  • Pasta Breaker (Deluxe Version Only)

Now that you know the best practices for swapping your Devil Breakers, how to unlock new slots for your Devil Breakers, and all Devil Breakers available in Devil May Cry 5, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy using and destroying your Devil Breakers on a whim, or do you prefer to take a more strategic approach? Let us know down in the comments below!

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