Where to find Panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn where to hunt a deadly beast with our guide to the best panther locations in RDR2.

There are several elusive animals to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2, but few are as scarce and dangerous as the panther. This sleek big cat is a dangerous enemy that will rush you down if it senses you. If you’re hoping to take one down you’ll need to be extremely careful, but as a first step you’ll need to know the best panther hunting locations in RDR2. Panthers are native to the Lemoyne region of Red Dead Redemption 2’s map, but even then they’ll only pop up in a couple of areas. In this guide we’ll teach you where to find panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find Panthers in RDR2

Where to find Panthers in RDR2
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As stated above you can find panthers in the Lemoyne region, more specifically the forest and wetlands of the area. The two main panther locations in RDR2 are the woods southeast of Braithwaite Manor, and the east side of Lagras lake/swamp, just south of Bluewater Marsh. Check the map above to see the locations.

  • Lemoyne - Southeast of Braithwaite Manor is a large woodland named Old Harry Fen where you’ll commonly find panthers.
  • Lemoyne - East of Lagras in the wooded wetlands is another place you can run into panthers.

Panthers can be extremely tough to spot as they blend in well with the surrounding environments. They’re also deadly hunters, which makes it easy to get ambushed by them while out hunting. Be very careful and mask your scent  with scent lotion before heading out into these regions. 

To obtain a perfect pelt from a panther, you’ll need to find a 3-star animal and use either a rifle with High Velocity or Express ammo, or a bow with an Improved Arrow. Whichever you choose, make sure you aim for the Panther’s weak points on its head or heart to kill it in a single shot.

Successfully find and hunt a panther and you’ll be rewarded with a Perfect Panther Pelt and some valuable Big Game Meat. If you’re able to snag yourself a Perfect Deer Pelt and Perfect Elk Pelt as well then you can use all three to craft the Kit Satchel Camp Upgrade.

Now that you know where to find panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2, visit our RDR2 animal locations hub to help you track down any other pelts you might be missing.

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