PUBG Mobile in China replaced, now with wholesome deaths

To comply with new rules, Tencent pulled PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to replace the violence.

PUBG Mobile in China was pulled from the store and replaced by a less violent version with really wholesome death animations.

To comply with new regulations for games in the famously authoritarian country, the game was taken offline with a "maintenance" message and then players were offered a link to the new version of the game.

The new, non-violent version of PUBG Mobile in China is called "Game for Peace" and when you 'kill' another player, they place down their equipment box and wave goodbye before disappearing from the server. It's really very wholesome.

We're particularly fond of imagining defeated players saying "Congratulations! You have bested me in combat, enjoy your prize and good luck for the rest of the game! Make me proud!" as they disappear.

When players are hit they also issue sparks instead of blood, suggesting all players are androids or friendly robots, and if you reach the final five players alive the game declares you the winner and offers you the chance to leave or continue playing. That one's a bit of a weird change, we're not quite sure why that happens but more winners means more happiness, right?

PUBG Mobile hasn't undergone any changes outside of China, though players are still being arrested for playing it in certain parts of India and other countries – which is less cool.


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