Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass challenges

Read up on all of Fortnite's Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass challenges right here.

Fortnite Season 9 has now touched down, smothering the once fantastical isle in futuristic sci-fi tech. If you haven’t seen the new Tilted Towers (or rather, Neo Tilted) yet, boy are you in for a treat. As per usual, a new Fortnite Season means a brand new Battle Pass and fresh set of challenges for players to tackle. Completing these challenges will earn you Battle Stars that level up your pass and unlock new gear and loot. The first round of these tasks is largely based around exploring the overhauled map, visiting Sky Platforms and riding the new Slipstreams. Here’s everything you can expect to be doing in Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass challenges

Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges
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Free Challenges

  • Ride the Slipstream around Neo Tilted, then ride the Slipstream around Mega Mall.
  • Visit all Sky Platforms.
  • Dead damage to players within 10s of using a Shadow Bomb.

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Pick up Legendary Items in several matches
  • Open chests in Lucky Landing and Loot Lake
  • Kill players with scoped weapons
  • Deal damage to players from at least two stories above them. Then deal damage to players from at least four stories above them. Finally, deal damage to players from at least six stories above them.

There’s not much to explain when it comes to the Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 challenges, but it’s certainly going to be fun riding the Slipstreams around the new Neo Tilted city, just try to watch out for incoming bullets while you’re at it! Don’t forget that multi-stage challenges like these must be completed in separate matches, so don’t try to ride the Slipstreams in both places in a single game. Once you’ve completed a single stage, focus on winning instead!

The hardest challenge by far will be completing the final task to deal damage from several stories above enemy players. It seems Epic is keen to have everyone visiting the larger locations to stake their claim on this high-rise skyscrapers. You don’t need to secure kills in this manner, so feel free to lob grenades from the rooftops with reckless abandon to damage any and everyone you can!

With the Fortnite Season 9 Week 1 Battle Pass challenges squared away, you may be wondering what else has changed. Read up on the full Season 9 patch notes to get the lowdown.

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