Mordhau update 4 patch notes and 10k gold compensation

Here's how to claim 10k gold compensation with full patch notes for Mordhau's latest update.

Medieval multiplayer sword-swiper Mordhau has received its fourth update since launch. Patch 4 aims to fix a range of bugs, networking issues and UI/Audio problems. There are no balance tweaks here (unless you consider the Lute getting a louder a buff), but most players probably won’t mind thanks to the 10k gold compensation included. Yep, as an apology for Mordhau’s rocky launch, the developers have given all players the chance to claim 10k gold. Here’s how to claim the 10k gold compensation followed by the full update 4 patch notes for Mordhau.

How to claim the 10k gold compensation in Mordhau

how to claim 10k gold compensation in Mordhau
Image Credit: Mordhau forums user GrinofCrows. © Triternion

The latest update for Mordhau released on May 8 and added the option for all players to claim 10k gold. If your game client is up to date, you should receive a message on the game’s main menu offering the 10k reward as shown above (Image credit: Mordhau forums user GrinofCrows). If the message doesn’t appear when you launch the game, try restarting Steam and launching Mordhau again. You have until the end of Sunday, May 12 to claim the 10k gold compensation.

One clear word of warning is that this is a one time offer. If you decline the 10k gold, you will not be able to change your mind. Even if you hit the button accidentally, so take care to choose the option you mean. If you’ mashed your mouse past this message box when you started the game, we’re afraid you’re out of luck. There’s no way to bring the message back, so you’ll have to earn your gold the usual way!

Mordhau update 4 patch notes

Mordhau update 4 patch notes
© Triternion

Patch #4 doesn’t include many big changes to Mordhau, but it should improve most people’s experience with the game. Here’s everything included according to the developer Reddit post:


  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Joining a server will now reserve a slot in advance, fixing the issue of being booted after loading. Server owners will have to make sure that the beacon port (15000) is reachable; it can be overridden on the command line with BeaconPort=

Maps & Gamemodes

  • Fixed players being able to get out of bounds on Mountain Peak
  • Fixed some icicles not dropping on Mountain Peak
  • Weapons/projectiles no longer collide with bounds on certain maps

Visuals & Misc.

  • Fixed spectators being kicked for AFK even when moving
  • Fixed fire kills not being tracked
  • Fixed pyromaniac achievement not working
  • Fixed Whack A Mole achievement
  • Fixed couched head kills not being tracked
  • Potential fix for a rare(?) crash (could also crash the server)
  • Added m.ThirdPersonDeathCamera by default it is disabled, added it to settings as well. Does what it says, forces 3p camera on death. Can help for people who get motion sick.


  • Increased volume of human footsteps and horse galloping, increasing sound awareness
  • Catapult & Ballista firing sounds can now be heard from further away, increasing awareness
  • Fixed horn on camp being too loud at certain times
  • Increased volume of low stamina breathing and made it more even across voice sets, making it easier to notice in fights
  • Lute is now louder


  • Added friend UI marker - can be toggled with H, in the options or m.friendlymarker console command. Has 3 states (friends & party, all teammates and off).
  • Frontline spawn screen now shows friends and party members as orange dots
  • Added “Show Killed By” toggle in the options or m.ShowKilledBy, can be used to turn off the killed by panel
  • Tutorial reward message on main menu now hidden when it is completed

That’s all there is to know regarding the Mordhau 10k gold compensation and update 4 patch notes, but we have plenty of guides available for you to read as well. We can teach you how to use the frying pan or lute, as well as how to build a ballista!

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