How to heal in Rage 2

Replenish your health with these trusty methods in Rage 2.

Rage 2 boasts plenty of combat, though it’ll also leave you wondering how to heal. There are a few different ways you can replenish your health in Rage 2, each depending on your situation and preferred play style. Short on Health Infusions? Activate Overdrive. Overdrive meter still charging? Pick up Feltrite from fallen enemies.

To help elaborate on these methods, we’ve put together a full guide explaining how to heal in Rage 2.

How to heal in Rage 2

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You can heal yourself in Rage 2 by picking up Feltrite from fallen enemies, activating your Overdrive ability, and by using Health Infusions.
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There are a few different ways to heal in Rage 2. At the beginning of the game, the first method you’ll be introduced to is picking up Feltrite dropped by downed enemies. By walking over these blue Feltrite shards dropped by fallen enemies, you’ll be able to replenish some of your health.

Feltrite is also an important resource to farm in Rage 2, meaning you’ll want to get into the habit of grabbing any and all Feltrite dropped by enemies. If dropped Feltrite isn’t available, you can also activate your Overdrive ability in Rage 2. The Overdrive ability charges as you kill enemies, and once it’s full, can be activated to give you a boost in health and damage output.

What’s nice is that the Overdrive ability also regenerates some of the health you lost, so once the Overdrive ability runs out and the recharge process begins again, you should have enough health to help see you through until your Overdrive ability is ready for use again. Finally, if neither of these methods are available or aren’t enough to keep you alive during a fight, you can also use a Health Infusion.

In Rage 2, the Health Infusion is a consumable item you can pick up and carry around with you that automatically refills your health bar. To use a Health Infusion, you’ll want to tap Up on your d-pad (Xbox One, PlayStation 4). In doing so, you’ll automatically use a Health Infusion. At the beginning of the game, you can only carry a handful of these around.

Fortunately, you can increase the amount you carry in your Projects menu. Alternatively, you can use Nanotrites to give yourself more survivability in combat. For example, if you run out of health entirely, unlocking the Defibrillation perk via the Canyon Cove Ark can give you the chance to immediately jump back into battle by working to restart your heart.

You can also work through the Constitution tree in your Nanotrites menu to reduce the amount of damage you take from enemy bullets. Overall, the best ways to heal include picking up dropped Feltrite from enemies, activating your Overdrive ability in battle, and using a Health Infusion. To avoid having to constantly heal, you can also focus on improvements via Projects and Nanotrites to help you prepare for future battles.

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