How to change PS4 recording time length

Here's how to change the length of videos recorded through the PS4 share button.

Knowing how to change your PS4's video recording clip length is key to capturing those sick plays while still making the most of your storage.

If you've ever found yourself scrubbing through half an hour of footage just to get that one great clip you recorded, then you may want to cut down the default recording length of the PS4's share button. Or, if you find your clips cutting off the start of the gameplay you wanted to capture, you can make it longer too! Here's how to change the length of your PS4 clip recordings.

How to change PS4 recording time length

how to change PS4 recording time length

The default recording length for the PS4 Share button varies based on your model, but you can change it to many options to suit your needs. Some PS4 Pros automatically capture up to the last 30 minutes of gameplay when you hit the share button, which can be a bit too much footage for what you need. If you go into Settings > Sharing and Broadcasts > Length of Video Clip you can choose between 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Choose the option that best suits what you're using the share function for. If you're just catching those great plays in online shooters, you might only need 30 seconds to tell the whole story. But if you're capturing for a Let's Play channel, you'll need that full hour of footage. It's up to you how you change your PS4 recording time, just make sure you capture something great!


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