How to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster

Inventory full of herbs? Here's how to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster.

If there’s one thing classic Resident Evil is known for, horror and zombies aside, it’s fiddly inventory management. Resident Evil HD Remaster might step up the graphical fidelity of the old titles and offer a new control scheme but, love it or hate it, the classic challenge of holding a select number of items is back. As you hop back and forth across the mansion, you’ll regularly find key items that you don’t have room for, which will leave you wanting to drop certain things you’re carrying. Surely if you remember where they are, everything will be fine, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, but in this guide we’ll do our best to teach you how to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster.

How to drop items or discard items

How to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster
These item boxes are the only way to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster. © Capcom

If you find yourself with a full inventory as you come across an important new item or weapon, don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s a common issue, and one that isn’t easily solved unless you know what you need and when. The difficulty in Resident Evil HD Remaster is that you can’t drop items anywhere. The only way to drop items is at item boxes you’ll find in certain save rooms around the map. Item boxes are large black containers that sitin the corner of several safe rooms in the game. The first two of these you’ll encounter are in the East Wing Storeroom and Medical Storage Room 1F. Check the map below to see their exact locations.

At item boxes you’ll be able to drop off items and pick up any you place within them. On the normal and easy difficulties, these boxes are universal, meaning any items you put in one can be obtained from the other. Either way, you should definitely learn their locations so that you can make easy runs to and from them whenever you need to collect a key, weapon or puzzle part.

Resident Evil HD Remaster item box locations
Here's where you'll find Item Boxes in the Mansion of Resident Evil HD Remaster.

You also cannot discard items in Resident Evil HD Remaster. Ammo, health and saves are fairly rare, which means you usually won’t want to lose them anyway, but sometimes it’d be nice to drop that single spare pistol shot in order to pick up a vital item. While you can’t lose saves, if you’re holding onto spare healing or a few extra ammo shots, you can simply waste them to open up space. In the case of ammo we’d recommend using it to clear out a zombie from a common path rather than firing it into the air.

Expect to spend plenty of time backtracking across the mansion now that you know how to drop items in Resident Evil HD Remaster. It’s a pain at first, but once you learn what sort of gear to carry and which items you need to access each area, you’ll be far more comfortable. Next up, why not beef up your firepower by learning how to get the shotgun in Resident Evil HD Remaster.

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