How to rotate items in Resident Evil 4

Learn how to rotate items and fill that inventory with as many explosive and weapons as you can in Resident Evil 4.

Ahhh, inventory management. It’s always been a staple of Capcom’s survival horror series, but no game leaned into it quite as heavily as Resident Evil 4. With a limited inventory of blocks, and items of all shapes and sizes, making the most of your backpack can prove time-consuming, yet oddly satisfying. To best fill your pack with all those pesky grenades and ammo, you’ll first need to learn how to rotate items in Resident Evil 4. Handily enough, that’s exactly what we’re here to teach you.

How to rotate items in Resident Evil 4

How to rotate items in Resident Evil 4
There's nothing quite like a perfectly organized inventory. Complete with a Large Black Bass, naturally. © Capcom

To rotate items in Resident Evil 4, all you need to do is pick them up and hit either of the shoulder buttons. (L1/R1, L/R, or LB/RB depending on your console/controller of choice). To pick up items, hit the top button on the front of your controller (Y on an Xbox Controller, X on a Switch Controller, Triangle on a PS4 controller) while hovering over an item in your case. This will lift it up to let you rotate or reposition it.

To really organize your inventory, move things into and out of the discard zone on the right while you plan out your main space. Move things back in one by one as you fill up the space. Don’t forget to move everything back across though or you’ll end up discarding anything you leave out of your case! Remember you can also purchase Attache Case expansions from the Merchant as you meet him. We’d suggest purchasing these above anything else as they’ll let you store more firepower and tools while you’re out and about, keeping you alive longer and able to collect more loot.

How to get more inventory space and rotate items in Resident Evil 4 Switch
It's always worth buying an Attache Case expansion so you can store more fish. © Capcom

By learning how to rotate items in Resident Evil 4 you’ll be able to store much more ammo, grenades and healing while you explore. Thankfully treasure doesn’t take up space, so you can feel free to grab as many gems and as much money as you like!

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