Cemetery puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4

Earn a tasty treasure by learning how to solve the graveyard or cemetery Puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 is packed full of treasures for players to find, and while most of them are lying in hidden spots, some will require you to solve puzzles if you want to earn them. The first you’ll encounter is the cemetery puzzle in Chapter 1-3. Sneaking round the back of the church here you’ll find a strange contraption that mentions dead ringers and asks you to rotate a dial. Don’t worry if you’ve found yourself stuck, in this guide we’ll explain what it’s all about and provide the cemetery puzzle solution for Resident Evil 4.

Cemetery puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4

Cemetery puzzle solution in Resident Evil 4
These twin gravestones hold the answer to the riddle. © Capcom

The clue provided by the cemetery puzzle reads “3 family insignias of the dead ringers” which might seem a bit of a strange clue at first. A dead ringer is a person or thing that looks extremely like another, and in this case it’s pointing you towards the gravestones out the front of the church. Three of the gravestones will be in pairs for twins, and have unique insignias above them. These graves will be bigger than the others, and have insignias that look a bit like the letters Z, M and V. Return to the puzzle and you’ll find the same shapes here.

The aim of the puzzle is to rotate the dial such that the three insignias (Z, M and V) are the only ones lit up. Working out how to do this can be a bit tricky, but the answer is actually pretty simple. Rotate the dial in the following order to complete the puzzle:

  • 3,3,3,4,4,4,3

There are several orders that will solve this puzzle, but this list should quickly guarantee that only the three appropriate insignias being lit up, which will open the lock and let you claim your reward of a Green Catseye gem. This treasure isn’t worth much on its own, but you can combine it with the Beerstein along with the red and yellow catseye gems to make a significantly more valuable treasure that’ll earn you more than a handful of pesos.

How to solve the cemetery puzzle graveyard puzzle resident evil 4
The Green Catseye can be placed into the Beerstein to increase its value. © Capcom

You now know the Resident Evil 4 cemetary puzzle solution, so get out there and start hunting those red and yellow catseyes for more treasure. While you’re here, feel free to take a look at the other guides we have available for Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil HD Remaster on Switch!

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