How to get Arcstones in Dauntless

In Dauntless Arcstones are used to upgrade mid-to-high-tier gear, here's the best Dull Arcstone farm method and how to get Shining and Peerless Arcstones.

In Dauntless Arcstones are your best friend once you hit the higher Slayer levels. You'll want to know how to get Arcstones once you start upgrading your gear above +5 effectiveness. As you go further up the gear table, you'll need increasingly rare forms of Arcstones, ranging from Dull Arcstones, to Peerless Arcstones. Here's how to get all types of Arcstones in Dauntless.

If you need more upgrading materials, here's how to get Orbs in Dauntless too.

How to get Dull Arcstones in Dauntless

How to get Arcstones in Dauntless
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Dull Arcstones in Dauntless are the first upgrade material you'll need to break through the +5 gear barrier. In total to upgrade a weapon to its full +15 effectiveness you will need 90 Dull Arcstones. You can get Dull Arcstones by hunting Behemoths rated Threat Level 8-12, or from running Dire Patrols, unlocked once you progress through the game by hunting each indifividual Behemoth you encounter in the Pursuits menu. Dire Patrols are the same as normal Patrols in that you'll choose an element and you'll be thrown in against a random Behemoth of that type, however these are all harder versions of them (the Dire versions). Threat Level 8-12 Behemoths require some team co-ordination to take down and well-upgraded weapons that take advantage of elemental weaknesses in Dauntless, so brush up on those first.

The best Dull Arcstone farm method

The best way of farming Dull Arcstones in Dauntless is to run Dire Patrols (with the Daily Bonus active) on Threat Level 8-12 Behemoths with a team geared towards breaking Behemoth parts, and avoiding downs. You receive 10 Dull Arcstones for each successful Dire Patrol, and with Daily Bonus active you'll receive another 10 Dull Arcstones (up to 6 Daily Bonuses per day).

If one team member equips a War Pike and focuses on wounding a single Behemoth part, at least two other team members with Slashing-type weapons can focus on breaking those parts. If you need to brush up on the best weapon types in Dauntless for these purposes, check out our guide. Broken Behemoth parts have a higher chance of dropping Dull Arcstones, and finishing the patrol or pursuit without being downed can net you even more Dull Arcstones as bonus rewards. This is the best way to farm Dull Arcstones in the game, but it's not always easy or guaranteed to deliver the numbers.

How to get Shining Arcstones in Dauntless

Shining Arcstones in Dauntless are the upgraded form of Dull Arcstones and required to upgrade weapons past the +8 gear barrier, along with more Dull Arcstones. In total to upgrade a weapon to its full +15 effectiveness you will need 120 Shining Arcstones. You can get Shining Arcstones by hunting Behemoths rated Threat Level 13-16 or by going on Heroic Patrols. Heroic Patrols unlock once you have progressed through hunting all Dire Behemoths in Pursuits.

How to get Peerless Arcstones in Dauntless

Peerless Arcstones in Dauntless are the strongest crafting reagent in the Arcstone family. You'll need them to upgrade weapons past +10 gear barrier, at which point they're the only reagent you need. To upgrade a weapon all the way to +15 you'll need 150 Peerless Arcstones. You can get Peerless Arcstones by completing Threat Level 17+ Patrols, the hardest challenge in the game. Good luck with that!

Now you know how to get Arcstones in Dauntless, how many you'll need for each weapon upgrade and the best way to farm Dull Arcstones. If you need any more help with Dauntless guides, let us give you a hand with our handy hub.


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