How to use Lanterns in Dauntless

A breakdown of what Lanterns do in Dauntless and how to use them.

In Dauntless, players need to track down the Behemoth they wish to battle and hunt, with some Behemoths being easier to find than others. While you could circle around the map looking for the Behemoth, you have a limited amount of time to find them and bring them down. To help, you can make use of tools like the Lantern.

Acting as a sort of fancy compass, the Lantern will help point you in the direction of the Behemoth. Confused? We’ve got you covered! Below, we’ve put together a quick guide explaining how to use Lanterns in Dauntless.

How to Use Lanterns in Dauntless

The Lantern emits billowing lights that guide you in the direction of the Behemoth you're hunting in Dauntless.
The Lantern emits billowing lights that guide you in the direction of the Behemoth you're hunting in Dauntless.
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The Lantern is a tool in Dauntless that serves the sole purpose of helping you track down Behemoths. Depending on the Behemoth you wish to hunt and the map you’re on, it can be time-consuming to circle around and around looking for the Behemoth. Of course, if you’re on a hunt with other players you can always spread out. For solo hunts, your options are more limited.

This is where the Lantern comes in. To use the Lantern in Dauntless, stop running through the map and press the “V” key. In doing so, you’ll spawn your Lantern which emits sparkling lights that blow in the direction of the Behemoth. Follow the direction the sparkling lights have blown to, and you should find the Behemoth.

Note that Lanterns have a cooldown which shows at the top left corner of your screen. With this cooldown, you can’t spam the Lantern when hunting for a Behemoth. Instead, use the Lantern to point you in the right direction, then continue on in that direction. Once the cooldown is up, you can use the Lantern again to assure you that you’re still on the right path.

In a group, be sure to use your Flare to indicate you’ve found the Behemoth and help guide your teammates to its location. Overall, the Lantern works like a compass to guide you toward the Behemoth you’re hunting. I won’t put an arrow down on the ground for you, but if you follow the direction of the lights, you’ll at least know you’re heading in the right direction.

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