How to get Scorchscale in Dauntless

The best way to farm for Scorchscale in Dauntless.

In Dauntless, there are a variety of materials to farm for, including Scorchscale. Like the Jagged Sparkscale, Scorchscale can only be acquired from a particular Behemoth type. Of course, it’s not guaranteed that Scorchscale will drop right away when fighting these Behemoths as it’s a rarer material in Dauntless. Struggling to get your hands on Scorchscale? Read on to find out the best way to get Scorchscale in Dauntless!

How to Get Scorchscale in Dauntless

To get Scorchstone in Dauntless, you'll need to hunt a Behemoth called the Scorchstone Hellion using a Frost weapon.
To get Scorchstone in Dauntless, you'll need to hunt a Behemoth called the Scorchstone Hellion using a Frost weapon.
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Scorchscale is a rare material that drops from a Behemoth called the Scorchstone Hellion. To find the Scorchstone Hellion, you’ll need to explore the Maelstrom area of the Shattered Isles. Note that this area isn’t beginner friendly as it contains various dangers, including powerful Behemoths like the Scorchstone Hellion.

To defeat the Scorchstone Hellion, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with its element and elemental weakness. Because the Scorchstone Hellion occupies the Blaze family, you’ll want to equip yourself with a weapon that deals powerful Frost damage (preferably one that also offers Blaze resistance). For example, the Onus of Boreus and Winter Gale are both weapons that deal adequate Frost damage.

Once you have your ideal Frost weapon equipped, head out to the Maelstrom and hunt for Scorchstone Hellion. Again, due to you may need to kill several of these Behemoths in order to get a Scorchscale due to its rarity. The better your weapon, the easier it’ll be to farm Scorchstone Hellion for Scorchscale. With Scorchscale, you’ll be able to craft and improve Hellion gear in Dauntless like the Hellplate Cuirass.

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