Vermintide 2 Versus beta sign-up lets you be the rats

Become the Skaven in Vermintide 2's Versus mode, sign up for the beta now.

Vermintide 2 Versus is a new game mode for the Skaven-bashing Left4Dead-like which lets you play AS the rats, with a beta sign-up now on.

You can sign up for the Vermintide 2 Versus beta now, by following this link. The mode looks very similar to the multiplayer of Valve's horde-fighting genre-defining Left4Dead, so we're very excited about becoming the rats.

Vermintide 2, by developers Fatshark, pits you against hundreds and thousands of rats, including specials with the power to snatch you away from your friends, smash you with a Ratling Gun, or pounce on you with spikey blades. It's based on the original Warhammer world, Age of Sigmar, and has the official backing of Games Workshop.

Check out some gameplay from the Vermintide 2 Versus mode below, and then head over to get signed up for the beta.

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