Watch the Warframe Empyrean reveal to get Nekros Prime free

Get a free Nekros Prime Warframe by watching the Empyrean reveal this July 6.

The next stage of Space Ninja Action is here as Warframe Empyrean is set for a full reveal on TennoLive on July 6 2019, 6-7PM ET, and watching can earn you a free Nekros Prime frame.

Warframe Empyrean appears to show off ship-to-ship combat out in the depths of space, which will be a first for the constantly evolving free-to-play game.

How to get free Nekros Prime Warframe

If you tune in to see more of Warframe Empyrean then you'll get Nekros Prime for free. All you need to do to get a free Nekros Prime Warframe is to watch TennoLive on July 6 at 6PM ET at and make sure your Warframe account is connected to your Twitch account.

To connect your Twitch and Warframe account:

  • Go to and log into your Warframe account
  • Click Link your Twitch Account and follow the instructions to link your Warframe account to your Twitch Account
  • Log into Warframe and receive your items

The Warframe Empyrean reveal on July 6 should give us more info about the return to epic space battles in the game, after focusing on open world expansions and other story events recently.

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