How to level up cards in BTS World

Raise the level of your cards to boost their stats in BTS World.

In BTS World, a key gameplay component is the card system where you’re able to complete Chapter Missions by using collected cards with the best stats. To improve the stats of your cards, you’ll need to level them up.

If you’re stuck in a particular Chapter unable to complete a Chapter Mission, the best course of action is to review the stats associated with that Chapter Mission, then look for cards with the highest numbers in those stats.

After that, level up those cards in particular, then try the Chapter Mission again. Having a hard time leveling up your cards? Read on to find out how to level up your cards in BTS World!

How to Level Up Cards in BTS World

You can level up your collected photo cards in BTS World by acquiring and spending Blossoms.
You can level up your collected photo cards in BTS World by acquiring and spending Blossoms.
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As noted above, one of the main gameplay mechanics in BTS World is a card system where you’re able to collect and level up cards. All cards start at Level 1 (though they have different rarities ranging from 1 to 5 Stars) and can be leveled up in exchange for Blossoms. To get more Blossoms, you’ll need to successfully complete Chapter Missions and complete Daily Mission assignments.

In the beginning of BTS World, you can complete Chapter Missions with little to no effort. The farther you get, the harder it becomes to complete Chapter Missions without leveling your cards first. If you fail at a particular Chapter Mission, you can review the stats needed by selecting the Chapter Mission again and hitting Next, but not hitting the Start button.

On this screen, note the requirements, then back out of the Chapter Mission to assess and level up your cards. To review your cards, tap “+” while in the BTS Story menu, then select “Manage Cards” to view your list of collected cards. At the top right corner of each card is a symbol which shows the best stat of each card.

For example, if a card has a green lightning bolt symbol, that card has Stamina as its highest stat. If you need both Stamina and Passion to complete the Chapter Mission you’re stuck on, you’ll need to look at both your Stamina and Passion cards to determine which have the highest number stats between both. In doing so, you’ll be able to pick out the best cards to level up.

To level up a card, tap the card, then look at the bottom of your screen. There, you’ll be able to see your available Blossoms. Tap the Blossom icon and you’ll see the Level bar increase. If you don’t have enough Blossoms to increase the card’s level, return to the BTS Story and play through a Chapter Mission you’ve already completed successfully.

You can farm completed Chapter Missions for Blossoms and Gold as often as you like, though keep in mind that playing Chapter Missions will cost you Wings. Run out of Wings, and you’ll need to wait for them to replenish, or friends to gift them to you, in order to play more Chapter Missions.

Overall, we recommend leveling up your best cards in order to complete difficult Chapter Missions. The higher the stats of your cards, the better you’ll do on each Chapter Mission. You can level up cards in exchange for Blossoms with Blossoms being awarded after successful completion of Chapter Missions or Daily Mission assignments. Keep in mind that leveling up your cards is different from upgrading your cards, which we’ll address in a separate guide.

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